Academic Accommodations

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UFCD Class of 2025 Professional Coating Ceremony

Accommodated Testing Process


Fill out a pre-registration form on the Disability Resource Center (DRC) website.


DRC Accessibility Specialist Katherine Morgan will connect with you to set up an initial meeting to discuss and select appropriate academic accommodations. You will then receive an Accommodation Letter from DRC outlining your accommodation(s). You can meet with Beth any time after your initial meeting to adjust or request additional accommodations.


If you would like to utilize your accommodation(s), email the letter to Dr. Patty Probert, Associate Dean of Student Affairs & Involvement. Dr. Probert will notify the following:

  • The Office of Academic Affairs will create your accommodated exam schedule. Your accommodated exam schedule will be emailed to you at the beginning of each semester. The Office of Academic Affairs will coordinate the accommodated testing schedule with the course director.
  • Alex Franklin in the Office of Student Affairs & Involvement will connect with you each semester to review your current academic accommodation(s) and administer most extra time exams.

Communicating With Professors

In order to receive academic accommodations, students are responsible for submitting a current accommodation letter to the professor in each course. This should be an interactive conversation between the student and the instructor about the course requirements and the specific accommodation that the student anticipates utilizing in that course.