Pediatric Dentistry – Naples

The Advanced Education Program in Pediatric Dentistry Program in Naples is 25 months in length. The program is designed to prepare dentists for the diverse specialty practice of pediatric dentistry and to qualify them for certification by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

Didactic instruction and clinical training develop skills necessary to comprehensively care for the dental needs of all children, including physically, mentally, and emotionally special needs children.

This program will provide a Certificate of Completion in Advanced Dental Education in Pediatric Dentistry.

25 Month Program


First-Year Resident – Summer
Basic Pediatric Dentistry Core
Basic Orthodontic Core
Pediatric Sedation Core
Clinical Practice I
Applied Orthodontics I
Hospital Dentistry
Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Dental Photography
Grand Rounds/Special Topics

First-Year Resident – Fall
Advanced Pediatric Dentistry
Growth & Development I
Clinical Practice II
Literature Review Seminars
Applied Orthodontics II
Research I
Hospital Dentistry II
Pediatric Rotation
Cleft-Palate Clinic Rotation
Oral Pathology
Dental Research and Statistical methods
Advanced Radiology Interpretation
Grand Rounds/Special Topics

First-Year Resident – Spring
Advanced Pediatric Dentistry II
Growth & Development II
Clinical Practice III
Literature Review Seminars
Applied Orthodontics III
Research II
Hospital Dentistry III
Anesthesia Rotation
Dental Research & Statistical Methods (cont)
Pediatric Rotation
Grand Rounds/Special Topics
Oral Medicine/Pharmacology

Second-Year Resident – Summer
Research IV
Clinical Practice V
Applied Orthodontics V
Hospital Dentistry V
Teaching Clinic Rotation I

Second-Year Resident – Fall
Advanced Pediatric Dentistry III
Literature Review Seminars
Research V
Clinical Practice VI
Applied Orthodontics
Pediatric Rotation
Private Practice Rotation
Teaching Clinic Rotation II
Cleft Palate Clinic Rotation II
Hospital Dentistry
Practice Management/ Ethics
Head and Neck Anatomy
Grand Rounds/Special Topics
Growth and Development III

Second-Year Resident – Spring
Advanced Pediatric Dentistry IV
Applied Orthodontics VII
Literature Review Seminars
Research VI
Hospital Dentistry VII
Pediatric Rotation
Teaching Clinic Rotation IV
Grand Rounds/Special Topics
Growth and Development IV

Courses are subject to change. Any changes to the curriculum will be updated as soon as possible.


The Pediatric Dentistry Program is fully accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. The program’s most recent accreditation visit from the Commission on Dental Accreditation was in 2015 and was approved without reporting requirements.

Graduation Rate for the Past Five Years

Year of Graduation Percentage of residents that graduated
2019 100%
2020 100%
2021 100%
2022 100%
2023 100%

Interim Program Director/Chair and Clinical Program Director

Marcio Guelmann

Marcio Guelmann D.D.S.

Professor And Chair, Pediatric Dentistry
Phone: (352) 273-7635
Lauren Governale

Lauren Governale D.M.D.

Clin Aso Prof & Clin Prog Director
Phone: (239) 920-4523

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