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Life Insurance

Life Insurance-level term group life insurance underwritten by The Standard Insurance Company provides $50,000 of life insurance for all eligible employees with an additional $10,000 in the event of accidental death and dismemberment.

Long Term Disability Insurance

All active College of Dentistry residents working at least 30 hours a week are provided group Long Term Disability insurance. The policy is underwritten by The Standard Insurance Company. The monthly benefit is equal to 60% of the first $4,167 of monthly salary to a maximum monthly benefit of $2,500 reduced by benefit offsets. The benefits as set forth under this policy will begin after the insured’s sixth month of total disability. The maximum benefit period is determined by your age when disability begins.

Other Voluntary Benefits

The University of Florida offers supplemental insurance plans through the state and UF ( These offerings do not replace your College of Dentistry benefit plans. Instead, these programs offer additional insurance with premiums payable by the employee through the convenience of payroll deduction. Voluntary benefits offered through these programs include dental insurance, accident insurance,vision insurance, life insurance, pet insurance and legal insurance. You must sign up for these benefits during the first 60 calendar days of your employment at UF or during open enrollment annually.

FICA Alternative Program

Automatically contribute 7.5% (pre-tax) of their wages into an investment account in their name. These required contributions are in substitute of Social Security taxes. The plan is mandatory for eligible employees and employees will be automatically enrolled or un-enrolled based on their salary plan status during the affected pay period. There is no minimum age or service requirement. Once a contribution has been made to the plan, the employee will receive an introduction letter from Fidelity, the plan administrator.  If an employee does not direct the investments of their funds, they will automatically be placed into a target date fund based on their date of birth.

Professional Liability Insurance

The J. Hillis Miller Health Center Self-Insurance Program (UF SIP) provides comprehensive general liability protection, including professional liability coverage on an “occurrence” basis to all faculty employees, students and volunteers acting within the scope of their defined duties at the health center.

You are provided coverage for your acts as a “good Samaritan” or when you engage in approved community service activities. Coverage for community service activities is subject to pre-approval in writing by your department chair and the dean of the college.

Questions relating to malpractice insurance should be directed to Self-Insurance Program Insurance Services division at 352-273-7006.

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