Gainesville Dental Centers

The UF College of Dentistry centers in Gainesville offer a complete range of general and specialty care for adults and children in one location. We offer the latest technologies in a professional learning environment, conveniently located at the UF Academic Health Center. Our services in Gainesville include general dentistry, endodontics, esthetics, facial pain, oral & maxillofacial surgery, oral medicine, orthodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics and children’s dental care.

College of dentistry

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DMD clinic

UF Health Faculty Dental Practice

Our expert faculty provide all general and specialty dental care in one location in a private practice environment for patients 14 years of age & up. Fees are comparable to private practice.

Resident Dental Practices

Residents, who have a dental degree and are specializing in an area of dentistry, practice with faculty supervision. Fees are generally 80 percent of those in private practice.

DMD Student General Dentistry

Quality, affordable care is provided by dental students under close supervision of experienced faculty in our general dental centers. We treat patients from 14 years of age & up. Fees are generally 50 percent less than private practice.

Before becoming a patient, an initial screening appointment will be done to ensure that your dental needs are compatible with students’ educational needs. Faculty supervise and evaluate each treatment step provided by student dentists, so treatment takes longer than in a typical dental office. If that works for you, and your dental needs meet our students’ educational needs, this could be a great option. If your dental needs aren’t suited for this educational environment, we will refer you to another care group where residents or faculty provide care. Call to have a screening form mailed or download one from our website.

Urgent Dental Care

For your urgent care needs. Tooth extractions are performed for a fee that covers an exam, X-ray and one simple extraction. A limited number of patients are seen beginning at 7 a.m., Monday – Friday. Dental students treat patients under faculty supervision.