Shared Governance

The faculty and administrators of the University of Florida College of Dentistry are committed to the concept of shared governance. One very important way that shared governance is made operational at the college is through the Faculty Assembly. The faculty of the college meets in assemblies to:

  1. Establish rules and regulations of self-governance including the identification of the various standing committees and the election of their members;
  2. Make recommendations to the Dean regarding academic policies on student affairs, pre-doctoral education, advanced education, continuing education, and research;
  3. Disseminate and gather information of general and scientific nature.

The Assembly acts within the general policies, rules, and regulations established by the Board of Trustees and the University, and those responsibilities assigned to administrative officers of the University are retained. These include the authority to call meetings of the faculty, to preside at such meetings, and to serve or to have representatives serve as ex officio members of all standing committees of the Assembly.


Inquiries regarding the Faculty Assembly or shared governance at the College of Dentistry should be directed to:


UF Faculty Senate

College of Dentistry

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The Faculty Advisory Board also promotes shared governance serving in an advisory capacity to the Dean.