Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

Administration/UFCD Operations

Policy Title/Link Contact Approved Updated
Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) Charles Lesch February 2006 March 2008
Conflict of Interest: Policy for Industry Relations (IR)2008 Industry Grid Dr. Panagoitis Zoidis June 2009 July 2014
Diversity Statement Dr. Patty Xirau-Probert July 2002 May 2015
Departmental Tropical Weather Response & Recovery Plan Dr. Panagoitis Zoidis, Charles Lesch June 2012 September 2017
Faculty Practice: Jean M. Sweitzer –– ––
Articles of Incorporation –– ––
Bylaws –– ––
Faculty Practice Plan –– ––
Identity Theft Red Flag Policy (6.14) Dr. Panagoitis Zoidis July 2009 June 2014
International Activities Checklist –– May 2013

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Clinical Affairs/Financial

policy title/link contact approved updated
Clinical Cash Deposit Policy Jean M. Sweitzer March 2019 March 2019
Patient Account Adjustments Jean M. Sweitzer June 2007 September 2015
Patient Billing CyclePatient Billing Cycle Flowchart Jean M. Sweitzer April 2008 September 2015
Payment Slip Procedure Jean M. Sweitzer October 2007 September 2015
Professional Fee Compliance Policy Dr. Panagoitis Zoidis August 2007 September 2015

Faculty Associates, Inc. (“FAI”)

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Human Resources

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Information Technology

Policy Title/Link Contact Approved Updated
Academic Health Center IT –– –– ––
UF Computing Help Desk –– –– ––
Classroom and Conference Room Information and Support Gail Childs August 2007 September 2015

Best Practices

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