Year 3: Semester 6 – Summer

  • 7012
  • 7016
  • 7411C
  • 7417C
  • 7441
  • 7450C
  • 7452C
  • 7744L
  • 7761L
  • 7762L
  • 7805L
  • 7834L
  • 8303

DEN7012 – Interdisciplinary Service Learning III (0.33)

This course will provide student experience in an integrated service-learning framework. Students will be expected to demonstrate the ability to: work with an interdisciplinary team, communicate effectively, understand social and cultural factors that influence patients, recognize ethical dilemmas one faces as a dental health professional, and work effectively within community service organizations.

DEN7016 – Professionalism In Patient Care and Practice Management II (0.5)

This course introduces student dentists to basic concepts of clinical patient care. This includes didactic material, clinical rotations, and integration into the UFCD Philosophy of Patient Care and the mechanics of patient management. Successful completion is required before advancement in the patient care portion of the program. The goal of the course is to assist in the transition from the didactic and preclinical portion of the curriculum with the ultimate goal of developing competent dentists. Competent dentists demonstrate appropriate patient management skills, professionalism, and integrity in the delivery of dental care, and critical thinking necessary for life-long learning.

DEN7411C – Overview of Implant Dentistry (2)

Curriculum provides basic knowledge concerning biological and scientific basis for implant treatment, including preoperative patient evaluation, diagnosis, treatment planning, implant selection, implant surgery, post-surgical care, implant prosthodontic procedures, digital and conventional restorative workflows and maintenance protocols. Course goals include development and understanding of the history and past status of implant dentistry, scientific basis of implant-host relations, and diagnosis, treatment planning, material selection and treatment along with maintenance procedures.

DEN7417C – Orofacial Pain (1)

This course will provide the student with a review of functional anatomy and pathophysiology related to the differential diagnosis of orofacial pain conditions. Clinical correlation and application will be achieved through lecture and case studies regarding the diagnosis and management of temporomandibular disorders and orofacial pain.

DEN7441 – Introduction to Oral Surgery (Part II) (1)

This course introduces the student to assessment of surgery for impacted teeth, preprosthetic surgery, biopsies, and the diagnosis and treatment of odontogenic infections.

DEN7450C – Orthodontics for the General Practitioner (1)

This course is designed to teach the dental student how to identify orthodontic problems in children and adults, and how to appropriately manage these problems by referral, observation or treatment. The laboratory component of this course will prepare the student to fabricate and activate specific types of orthodontic appliances which are suitable for use in the general practice.

DEN7452C – Fundamentals of Pediatric Dentistry (3)

Treatment of the child patient as it relates to treatment planning, soft tissue evaluation, preventive dentistry, behavior management, treatment of the handicapped, child abuse, pulp treatment, trauma, oral surgery, and restorative techniques.

DEN7744L – Clinical Operative Dentistry 1 (2)

This course applies the foundation knowledge learned in the operative dentistry preclinical curriculum by introducing the beginning student to the prevention, management and restoration of dental caries on assigned patients.

DEN7761L – Oral Diagnosis/Medicine & Treatment Planning I (0.5)

This course provides the clinical opportunity for student dentists to develop interviewing, diagnosis, and basic treatment planning skills on assigned patients.

DEN7762L – Clinical Radiology 1: Radiographic Technique (0.33)

The student will expose, mount, and critique radiographic surveys for assigned patients; develop appropriate judgment and reasoning to declare a radiograph clinically acceptable as outlined by “criteria of radiographic acceptability”; and demonstrate proper radiation hygiene, infection control techniques, and appropriate patient management. Additionally, the student will demonstrate a thorough knowledge of radiologic normal anatomy; complete a radiologic interpretation/consult on all baseline radiologic surveys including a description of any observed abnormality(s) of the dentition, supporting structures, the temporomandibular joints, and the paranasal sinuses concluding with a differential diagnosis/impression when appropriate.

DEN7805L – Clinical Oral Surgery I (0.66)

This course brings together the knowledge gained from previous oral surgery courses. The student will assume a participatory assistant role in clinical oral surgery procedures and will attain competence in specific peri-operative procedures.

DEN7834L – Comprehensive Periodontal Treatment 1 (2)

This course applies the foundational knowledge learned in the periodontics preclinical curriculum by introducing the beginning student to diagnosis and treatment of gingival and periodontal diseases and the evaluation of initial therapy and continuing supportive periodontal therapy on assigned patients.


DEN 8303 – Advanced Radiologic Interpretation (1)

The series of topics on radiographic diagnosis is designed to reinforce the concept that radiographic data assists in the assignment of patient abnormalities into general categories of conditions: developmental, trauma, inflammation, and neoplasia. This method should help you develop differential diagnostic impressions when conditions other than caries and periodontitis are present.