Requesting Dean’s Letters

Every every post-dental school residency program requires the inclusion of a Dean’s Letter with your application. Also known as an Institutional Evaluation Letter, Dean’s Letters function as recommendation letters from your time at UFCD and provide insight into the type of student you were while in attendance. Features of the letter will include your final GPA and Class Rank, pass date for the NBDE or INBDE, various awards and honors you may have received, and highlights of your community service and involvement in student organizations at UFCD. 

As such, to write the best letter possible, we need three documents from you before we can get started:

  1. Your up-to-date CV
  2. Signed Release for Letter of Recommendation (FERPA Release)
  3. A full list of programs to which you are applying

Please send all documents to Alex Franklin at minimum 30 days prior to the first deadline (or whenever you need your letter by).

Any questions you have can be answered either by Alex Franklin or Dr. Patty Probert in the Office of Student Affairs.

Please see below for more information about the three documents we need, as well as completed examples of all three.

To access the three materials, click here and scroll down to “Required Materials for a Dean’s Letter”.

This page has examples for a CV and your List of Programs; for instructions on how to fill out the FERPA Release form correctly, see below: