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UFCD Computer Requirements

Students are required to have a laptop (not an iPad or iPad hybrid) for the duration of dental school. They are also required to have a well-fitting, functioning privacy screen appropriate for that laptop when you taking examinations. The Office of Academic Affairs recommends the “Gold Privacy Filter.”

Students are also required to have Whole Disk Encryption for their laptops and keep this encryption enabled as long as they are enrolled and connected to any UF resources. Here are the details:

  • The University of Florida requires students to have access to a computer system: UF Health Get Started with IT
  • The College of Dentistry further requires students to have access to and on-going use of a laptop in order to function in the current learning environment. Students are required to access electronic information forms, submit assignments and communicate with other students and faculty electronically in the DMD program. A laptop ensures that computing capability is available to you at all times and in all locations.
  • In general, students can expect the need to access and ongoing use of a near state-of-the-art laptop computer. In other words, you will need daily access to a virtually new, fairly powerful computer with Internet access, built in camera, microphone and printer. The choice of platform, Mac or PC, and the brand of the laptop is up to the student, so long as the requirements below are met.
  • Students are expected to purchase or lease a computer that is capable of network connection to the Internet, graphical access to the World Wide Web, email, and productivity functions such as word processing, presentation software, spreadsheet calculation, built-in camera and microphone. The cost of meeting this requirement is included in financial aid.

Laptops that use the following operating systems meet the UFCD requirement:

Operating System:

  • Windows 10 22H2, Windows 11 22H2, and Windows 11 23H2  (Alternative versions of Windows 10 and 11, such as Windows RT and Windows 10 and 11 S are NOT supported. Microsoft Surface device, S mode does not comply. All other Windows tablet versions do not comply.)
    • English Language pack
    • Professional or Education includes BitLocker software for encryption (see below); Home does not include Bitlocker
    • Home can be upgraded here: https://portal.helpdesk.ufl.edu
    • Examplify cannot be run within virtualized environments or environments that require a persistent network (local or otherwise) connections during secure exams. This includes, but is not limited to, VMWare, Parallels, Citrix workspace, virtual disks, streamed images, etc.
    • ExamSoft does not support tablet devices other than SurfacePro.
  • Mac – only genuine versions of Mac operating systems (Mac OS X – is not supported)
    • macOS Monterey, Ventura, Sonoma, or newer. (Only genuine versions of Mac operating systems are supported.)
    • Examplify is not compatible with virtual operating systems such as Microsoft’s Virtual Machine, Parallels, VMware, VMware Fusion or any other virtual environments.

Hardware Recommendations:

  • Windows – Non-ARM based processor supported by your operating system
  • Mac – Intel, M1, or M2 processor
  • 8GB RAM or better memory
  • 4GB Solid State Drive or bigger
  • 1920 x 1080 screen resolution or higher
  • Intel Dual-Band Wireless-AC, 802.11 b or g
  • DVD-R/RW (internal or external optional)
  • TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for encryption
  • Anti-Virus/Malware Software (Microsoft Windows Defender Security Center, AVG, Trend, TotalAV)

Other Considerations:

  • Access to a printer
  • Built-in or External Webcam
  • USB Ports
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet Adapter
  • Students are highly encouraged to purchase extended warranties and accidental coverage.
  • Consider a Privacy Filter for the computer or any other device screens that will be used for exam testing and in-class quizzes. Required for some tests.


NOTICE: Examplify does not support touchscreen input devices on Mac or Windows laptops. 

Whole Disk Encryption

Students are required to encrypt the hard drives on their personal laptops. Encryption helps to prevent unauthorized access of the data stored on your computer. This is necessary if your computer houses any restricted data, which may occur during clinical rotations.

Please note: It is recommended to utilize encryption that is integrated with the operating system. Using third party software should be a last resort. With regards to providing support, IT can provide limited technical support on an advisory basis only on non-managed devices.

WINDOWS LAPTOP owners: Windows 10 (Pro & Education) includes BitLocker drive encryption.  Since Home edition does not include BitLocker, we recommend upgrading or purchasing a laptop with Pro or Education.

APPLE LAPTOP owners: To satisfy the whole disk encryption requirement you may use FileVault. This program is included as part of the operating system. It can be found under the security section of system preferences.

Please be aware that products in the computer world are constantly changing. Therefore, this requirement is evolving and will continue to evolve. You can expect it to change as the power, price and quality of computers change and as the needs of students in the college change. We make every effort to minimize the impact of changes in this requirement on our students.

For more information about computing at UF go to: http://helpdesk.ufl.edu/

Downloading the Software

Each student must have a personal laptop computer that meets the College of Dentistry recommended guidelines above. Students will be provided instructions for downloading the software to their laptops prior to the first day of orientation. Students must encrypt their laptops and ensure their laptops are malware-free. Students will be notified of ExamSoft software updates throughout the year. It is the students’ responsibility to install these updates prior to the next scheduled examination.

Exam Date Change Request

Each semester, after input from all course directors, the OAA draft course schedule will be shared with class officers a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the next semester. The class officers will reply to any recommended changes a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester so a final schedule can be implemented.

When extenuating circumstances exist after the start date of the semester, faculty, staff, and student class officer(s) can complete the Exam Rescheduling Form (located on the Teaching Resources and Forms web page on the UFCD web site) and submit it to the Office of Academic Affairs, DN-Office_of_Education-DL@ad.ufl.edu .

The timeline for requests to change classes and/or exam dates/time include the following timeframes and course director approval:

  • From the start of the semester until 2 weeks prior to the current scheduled date would require a 3/4 vote from the class.
  • Within 2 weeks of the current scheduled date would require a 100% vote from the class.

All polls will be conducted by the OAA and reported to the class officers and course director when the poll is closed.