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Faculty & Staff Photos

  • All faculty and staff should have professional photos taken and shared with communications for use in various ways during the course of employment.
  • Free, professional photos are available via the HSC Photography studio in Communicore. The link with photo studio open hours and directions is below (scroll down their page a bit to find it).
  • Note that if you are clinical faculty, we need two versions of a photo – one in business attire and one in a white coat.
  • And, if you aren’t new but need a new photo? You’re welcome to have one taken.
  • UF Health Photography Studio

New clinical faculty

  • Clinical faculty should have a profile on the site if they provide direct care to patients.
  • If they only oversee the work of students or residents, they should not need a profile.
  • UF Health has a strong marketing program behind the brand and the website. Having a current profile on that site will assist with marketing to patients. If you already have a profile, please check it occasionally to ensure that it is still correct (sometimes the site has glitches and mistakes result) and up-to-date.
  • UF Health has streamlined the form for adding a new provider to You can now use the online form located on the Web Services site to submit the necessary information needed for a profile.
  • If you have questions or issues with this process, please contact Natalie Dunaway at
  • The form is located here:
  • You can also navigate to the form from this page:
  • An example of a faculty profile: Example

Where Can I Download HIPAA Release Forms?

Where are college photos?

  • All photos taken, that can be used by anyone, are stored on the college’s shared drive. Faculty, staff and residents have access to the drive.
  • You can go to: All UFCD  /  Public  /  Photos
  • Photos are stored in folders that reflect the year they were taken and the subject/event. Faculty and staff photos are stored in “Faculty&Staff.”

Updating the college website

  • If you need an update made to the college’s website, contact your department administrator. Most departments and offices have someone trained to update the site. If there is no one in your area who is trained, email your changes to the Assistant Director of Communications, Kelly Sobers.
  • Always include the url for where you need changes made and please be very specific about what needs to change. Ex: “Please change this phone number 352-555-1111 to 352-555-2222.
  • If photos need to be added, do not embed the photos in a Word document or in the email. Attach photos as a jpg attachment to the email.
  • Updating the college’s site is not difficult to do; you just need to attend a one-hour training session offered by UF Health Web Services. You can sign up by clicking the link for the date/time you’d like to attend: Once you have completed training, contact the Assistant Director of Communications, Kelly Sobers via email for formal permission to have access to the pages you need. (It is easier to make your own updates than to communicate the changes you need made.)