Year 2: Semester 3 – Summer

  • 5127
  • 6001
  • 6011
  • 6015
  • 6213C
  • 6350
  • 6407C
  • 6421
  • 6705L

DEN5127 – Infectious Diseases (4)

Providing the foundation knowledge of etiologic agents responsible for infectious diseases important to the general practice of dentistry.  Oral infectious diseases are emphasized.  The course includes content on microbiology, virology, periodontology, and cariology, as well as systemic and oral diseases with both classical descriptive content and modern molecular biological aspects such as recombinant technology to create new vaccines.

DEN6001 – Introduction to Evidence-based Dental Practice (1)

This course introduces the student to evidence-based dentistry (EBD), which is the process of integration of the best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values.

DEN6011 – Interdisciplinary Service Learning II (0.33)

This course will provide student experience in an integrated service-learning framework.  Students will be expected to demonstrate the ability to: work with an interdisciplinary team, communicate effectively, understand social and cultural factors that influence patients, function as a health information resource, and work effectively within community service organizations.

DEN6015 – Professionalism In Patient Care and Practice Management I (0.25)

This course is designed to provide instruction, coach and mentor students in professionalism as they attain competency in patient care. This course spans semesters 2 – 5 and supports the student’s progressive development in appropriate patient management skills, practice management skills including regulatory requirements, professionalism and integrity in the delivery of dental care, and critical thinking necessary for life-long learning.

DEN6213C – Fundamentals of Occlusion (3)

This course covers topics related to basic knowledge of dental occlusion. Also, students will learn about dental materials used for impression making and cast fabrication and basic digital prosthodontics concepts. At the end of the course, the student will develop an understanding of an ideal occlusion form and function.

DEN6350 – General Pathology (4)

General Pathology is a course that concerns the cause and the manifestations of diseases that affect the human body and their relevance to dentistry.

DEN6407C – Preclinical Operative Dentistry II (3)

This is the second course in a series of three courses that introduce fundamental concepts of operative dentistry emphasizing biomaterial science and its clinical application. Minimally invasive dentistry principles, direct restorative materials, techniques and ergonomics will be introduced focusing on development of psychomotor skills, self-assessment, and clinical judgment.

DEN6421 – Periodontic Treatment Planning and Disease Control (2)

Review of the information on etiology and pathogenesis of periodontal disease.  Students will be introduced to data gathering, diagnosis of periodontal diseases, establishing prognoses, treatment planning and the steps in the first phase of periodontal therapy.  Skill development laboratory sessions will focus on oral hygiene skills and motivation of patients, root preparation procedures, and evaluation of phase 1 treatment.

DEN6705L – Public Health Rotation (0.33)

This course provides students with the theoretical foundation of dental public health, explores the impact of the social determinants of health (SDOH) on access to oral health care, and utilizes experiential service learning to apply community-based oral health promotion and disease prevention for vulnerable populations.