Kenneth Anusavice, D.M.D., Ph.D.

Kenneth Anusavice, D.M.D., Ph.D.

Department of Restorative Dental Sciences

Division of Operative Dentistry

Center for Dental Biomaterials

Professor and Chair

UF College of Engineering

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Joint Professor

Dr. Anusavice is responsible for administering the activities of the center, which include teaching, research, and service. He is the Director for the UF Center for Dental Biomaterials and maintains collaborative links with the Colleges of Engineering, Medicine, and Liberal Arts and Sciences. The center supports research of several clinical departments by providing testing instrumentation including the use of a conventional Instron testing machine and three servohydraulic testing machines. Training in materials science research and on the proper use of instrumentation are provided to faculty, staff, residents, and graduate students in these departments. Because the use of dental biomaterials in clinical practice represents a significant proportion of a dentist’s treatment time, fundamental training in the properties and proper manipulation of preventive and restorative materials is essential to the clinical success of restorative procedures. Thus, the training support provided by center faculty, and the research space and facilities available in the Center for Dental Biomaterials are essential to accomplish this important strategic planning goal.

Selected Publications

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  • Oh WS, Park JM, Anusavice K (2003). Fracture toughness (KIC) of a hot-pressed core ceramic based on fractographic analysis of fractured ceramic FPDs, Int J Prosthodont 16(2): 35-140.
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  • Della Bona A, Anusavice KJ, Mecholsky JJ Jr (2003). Failure analysis of resin composite bonded to ceramic, Dent Mater 19(8):693-699.
  • Anusavice KJ (2003). Informatics systems to assess and apply clinical research on dental restorative materials, Adv Dent Res 17:43-48.
  • Della Bona A, Anusavice KJ, DeHoff PH (2003). Weibull analysis and flexural strength of hot-pressed core and veneered ceramic structures, Dent Mater 19(7):662-669.
  • Griggs JA, Anusavice KJ, Mecholsky JJ Jr (2002). Devitrification and microstructural coarsening of a fluoride-containing barium aluminosilicate glass, J Mater Sci 37:1-6.
  • Della Bona A, Anusavice KJ, Hood JA (2002): Effect of ceramic surface treatment on tensile bond strength to a resin cement, Int J Prosthodont 15(3):248-253.
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  • Gibbs CH, Anusavice KJ, Young HM, Jones JS, Esquivel-Upshaw JF (2002): Maximum clenching force of patients with moderate loss of posterior tooth support: A pilot study, J Prosthet Dent 88(5):498-502.
  • Anusavice KJ (2002). Dental caries: risk assessment and treatment solutions for an elderly population, Compend Contin Educ Dent 23(10 Suppl):12-20.
  • Complete list of Dr. Anusavice’s publications (pdf)