Academy of Alumni & Friends Board & Class Leaders

Academy of Alumni & Friends Constitution and Bylaws

Academy of Alumni & Friends Board

Dr. Diane Piper Hilton
Dr. Kris Harth
Vice President
Dr. Judith Rodriguez-Bec
Immediate Past President
Dr. Brett Zak
Past President
Dr. Craig Oldham
Past President
Dr. Robert Fields
Past President
Dr. Jan Westberry
Past President
Dr. Eddie Martin
Past President
Dr. William Gerald Harrison
Dr. Geraldine M. Ferris
Dr. Shreena B. Patel
District Representatives
District Name
Northeast Dr. Steve Cochran
Northwest Dr. Andrew E. Trammell
Atlantic Dr. Robert LaLane
South Florida Dr. Rafael Urbino
Central Dr. Alana Keough
Central Dr. Lee Anne Keough
West Coast Dr. Nancy Horton
West Coast Dr. Si McAninch
Faculty Representatives
Dr. Venita J. Sposetti
Associate Professor &
Associate Dean of Education
Dr. Pamela Sandow
Clinical Professor &
Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Ex Officio Members
Name Role
Dr. A. Isabel Garcia Dean, College of Dentistry
Dental Ambassador President
Dental Ambassador Vice President

Class Leaders

Class Name
1976 (Charter) Dr. Paul L. Benjamin
1976 (Charter) Dr. Bill Marchese
1977 (Beta) Dr. Marvin Wells
1978 (Gamma) Dr. James Haddix
1978 (Gamma) Dr. David C. Sarrett
1979 (Delta) Dr. Esteban Mulkay
1980 (Epsilon) Dr. Larry J. Cook
1980 (Epsilon) Dr. Steven P. Bogdanoff
1981 (Zeta) Dr. Bruce D. Manne
1981 (Zeta) Dr. Jacqui Gilbert Farnham
1982 (Eta) Dr. Jay Garlitz
1982 (Eta) Dr. Henry A. Sweeny
1982 (Eta) Dr. Shaun Graser
1983 (Theta) Dr. Robert Fields
1983 (Theta) Dr. Mark Mautner
1983 (Theta) Dr. Steve Parker
1984 (Iota) Dr. Jan Westberry
1985 (Kappa) Dr. Henry Rozen
1986 (Lambda) Dr. Matt McLellan
1986 (Lambda) Dr. Belkis Z. Musalen-Jones
1987 Drs. Rei & Martha Gonzalez
1988 (Nu) Dr. Frank “Dusty” May
1989 (Xi) Dr. Judith Rodriguez-Bec
1990 (Omicron) Dr. Michael Danze
1991 (Pi) Dr. Rosario Aviles
1992 (Rho) Dr. Daniel McSherry
1993 (Sigma) Dr. Adam Strimer
1994 (Tau) Dr. Gregory Goodreau
1995 (Upsilon) Dr. Shari Witkoff
1996 (Phi) Dr. Twyla Roberts
1997 (Chi) Dr. Peter G. Lemieux
1998 (Psi) Dr. Jeff Ottley
1999 (Omega)
2000 Dr. Eric Mohr
2000 Dr. Tamara-Kay Tibby
2000 Dr. Douglas Fabiani
2001 Dr. Michael Hess
2002 Dr. Shawn Perce
2003 Dr. Stephanie Reeder
2003 Dr. Sheryl Brady Ely
2004 Dr. Brian Rask
2005 Dr. Diane Piper-Hilton
2006 Dr. Julie Geiger
2007 Dr. Meenal Patel
2008 Dr. Kristopher Harth
2008 Dr. Matthew Nawrocki
2008 Dr. Andrew Nawrocki
2009 Dr. Yehuda Benjamin
2010 Dr. Philip Hedger
2011 Dr. Brittney Craig
2012 Dr. Brandon Greenwalt
2013 Dr. Melissa Alfonso
2014 Dr. Lauren C. Dupre
2015 Dr. Michael J. Yuan
2016 Dr. Jonathan D. Scott

Academy of Alumni & Friends History

2018 Senior BanquetIn 1967, a group of 100 dentists in Florida formed The Academy 100 to support efforts in the state to create a dental school at the University of Florida. The University of Florida College of Dentistry has enjoyed tremendous support in the past from the Academy One Hundred and the Dental Alumni Association, which formed after we began graduating dental students. In 2002 both groups voted to join together into one collective organization known as the Academy of Alumni and Friends, or AAF, officially began in 2003.

All graduates of our D.M.D. or residency programs (alumni), as well as those who support the college through financial gifts (friends) are members of the AAF. The AAF became active on January 1, 2003, and it will continue the long-standing tradition of assisting the dental school as it strives to improve the quality of its programs for faculty, students, alumni and friends.

Why give?

Support to the Academy of Alumni and Friends Annual Fund helps to continue a long-standing tradition of helping the college improve the quality of its programs for students. By providing funding for academic enrichment and student programs, the Academy of Alumni and Friends Annual Fund ensures that the college’s outstanding students have the resources necessary to prepare them for a professional career in dentistry.

Gifts to the College of Dentistry support:

  • Student Initiatives
  • Dental Student Academic Support
  • Family Day
  • White Coat Ceremony
  • Commencement
  • Scholarships
  • Senior Banquets
  • Student Service Trips
  • Faculty Support
2018 Commencement manual dexterity
Student Initiatives  Dental Student Academic Support
Cuba Service Trip Class of 2021 White Coat
Service Trips White Coat Ceremony

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