Student Dental Simulation Laboratory

The College of Dentistry Student Dental Simulation Laboratory is used for a wide variety of teaching and assessment purposes.

  • Freshmen and sophomore dental students are introduced to all aspects of dentistry by performing procedures on simulation manikins before entering patient clinics.
  • Students must successfully complete a Clinical Entrance Exam before they begin patient care in the dental clinics.
  • Junior and senior students may take advanced electives in the Simulation Lab, as well as completing a practice board examination.
  • Selected portions of the Florida State Board Exams are held in the Simulation Lab twice per year, hosting students from across the state and the nation seeking licensure in the State of Florida.

The Simulation Lab first opened in February 1999. In December 2009, audiovisual upgrades brought the equipment up to the leading edge of technology. Currently, the UF Dental Simulation Lab is the first fully-digital high-definition system of its kind.

The Lab and Equipment