Dental Building Environmental Quality Assessment

dental tower

The University of Florida is undertaking a comprehensive indoor environmental quality assessment of the Dental Sciences Building (DSB) due to some reported building and environmental concerns. After initial discussions with UF Health and dentistry leadership, and UF Environment Health & Safety, UF contracted with Terracon, an engineering firm specializing in environmental, facilities and materials services to conduct the assessment.

Part 1 – Collecting Information & Reporting

  • Survey: Terracon will email a survey, that can be completed anonymously, to UFCD faculty and staff, and others who work in the DSB to help identify problems and/or problem areas of the building. Respondents will have the option of adding their room location to ensure that their space is inspected. Survey results will be compiled by Terracon and used to inform the next steps for the assessment.
  • Inspections: Terracon will perform onsite inspections of the building’s 15 HVAC air handlers, duct work, and of a number of rooms in the dental building where occupants have already reported concerns. A detailed list of previously identified areas of concern has been provided to UF and to Terracon.
  • Report: Terracon will deliver a report, based on the information collected from the survey and inspections, to be used by UF to determine whether repairs or other steps need to be taken to mitigate any identified issues.

Part 2 – Mitigation/Correction

  • Based on recommendations from the assessment, UF will decide on next steps and will identify funding sources for any immediate and/or long-term solutions needed to rectify environmental conditions that are deemed a problem.

Additional Communications

Dean’s Update to Faculty Assembly on February 5, 2020

Dean’s Email on September 25, 2019

Dean’s Email on July 10, 2019

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