Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science

The activities of the UF College of Dentistry’s Department of Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science include a wide range of scientific and academic pursuits related to dental public health. The department is responsible for the predoctoral didactic and community-based education in community dentistry and public health, oral health promotion, cultural competency, patient management, evidence-based dentistry, interdisciplinary education as well as professionalism and ethics. 

In addition, within the department are Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency programs in Hialeah and St. Petersburg, Florida. We provide services for the community such as school-based prevention programs and annual screenings. Furthermore, the department houses two research centers, the Pain Research and Intervention Center of Excellence and the Southeast Center to Reduce Disparities in Oral Health.  

Community dentistry & Behavioral science

Research Centers

The UFCD Department of Community Dentistry & Behavioral Science houses two world-class research centers on the UF campus.


community dentistry & Behavioral science

Community Outreach

The Department of Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science has been working to develop sustainable programs to monitor children’s oral health, offer preventative dental services for children at high risk for dental caries, and provide community-based service-learning experiences for dental students and residents.

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community dentistry & Behavioral Science

Community Based Programs

The UF College of Dentistry provides care to patients from all 67 counties in Florida through our five dental practices and other affiliated centers throughout the state.

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Community dentistry & Behavioral Science

Senior Rotations

For the final three semesters of the DMD program, each dental student is assigned to a two-week extramural rotation at a community health center throughout the state of Florida.

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NCEF Pediatric Dental Center

Through our research, we strive to integrate behavioral, social, economic, and cultural factors into interdisciplinary multi-level studies of health. Experimental, epidemiologic, and clinical studies form the basis for the portfolio of current research. Current studies focus on access to care, health professions education for underserved minorities, prevalence of HPV, chronic pain and osteoarthritis, genomic medicine, adaptability and resilience in aging, complementary and integrative health approaches across the lifespan, as well as ethnic and gender health disparities.

Through our teaching, our goal is to expand students’ understanding of the impact of behavioral, social, economic, and cultural factors on the occurrence of disease across the lifespan with emphasis on oral disease and delivery and utilization of health services. Our instruction reflects our commitment to increase student sensitivity to the influence of culture on health and well-being. We seek to develop a generation of health care professionals that understands the community context in which it works and has the tools to incorporate a culturally-appropriate, evidence-based approach into clinical practice.

Through our service, we seek to increase the knowledge of our colleagues within the University, the broader healthcare and research communities, and the public about current health-related issues affecting the overall well-being of all citizens ultimately to improve treatment, enhance access, and influence healthcare policy.

Contact Information

Daniel W McNeil

Daniel W McNeil PhD

Chair, Community Dentistry & Behavioral Science | Parker E. Mahan Endowed Professor
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Jennifer Brock Bushnell

Jennifer Brock Bushnell

Administrative Assistant
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Scott R Marshall

Scott R Marshall

Fiscal Assistant III
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Carree O Musgrove

Carree O Musgrove

Assistant Director, Healthcare Administration
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