Faculty Toolkit

The Faculty Toolkit is annual faculty activity reporting software that has been developed to provide an online tool for College of Dentistry faculty to report their activities for the preceding year as part of their annual performance evaluation. This tool has the role of a standard recording/reporting instrument as well as a collection device for data concerning the college faculty members.

In addition to the annual collection of new data, this process will provide an annual opportunity to correct outdated information. The data is being collected in the format used by the university’s tenure and/or promotion application process. Faculty members will have access to their data to develop tenure and/or promotion applications, curriculum vitas, biographical sketches, and other documents. In addition, the college will have relatively accurate data on its faculty for activities such as accreditation reporting, annual reports to the provost, and ADA questionnaires.

We recommend that you use the latest version of Firefox, Safari or Chrome browsers.

The data collection is based on the information required for the university’s tenure and/or promotion applications. If you desire more description of the type of information to include in a section of this report, you can refer to the UFCD Faculty P&T site.

Faculty Toolkit Resources