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Dental Tower West Wall Flashing Replacement Project

On Monday, June 24, UF Facilities Services, working with JAM construction, will begin the flashing replacement project on the west side of the Dental Tower.

  • You may recall that the same work was being done in December 2018 and January 2019 on the east side of the tower. And now we are heading west. 🙂
  • The work is expected to continue through July. So, for about five weeks, we can expect some disruption to be ongoing over the third floor. There will be noise, vibrations and . . .maybe more?
  • This project is to repair issues causing water intrusion outside of  D3-3, D2-6 and the 3rd floor hallway. We ask for your understanding during the duration of this critical repair.

If you have concerns or if any problems arise, please contact Neal Owens and also keep Charles Lesch in the loop so he will be aware

Fire Drill Scheduled – May 20

The dental tower is scheduled for a fire drill on Tuesday, May 21.

  • The fire drill will not take place on floors 1, 2 and 3 because we will have patients in clinic.
  • The drill will take place on G, and floors 4 – 11.
  • When you hear the alarm please leave the building using the stairs (not the elevator) and remain outside the building/floor until EH&S, fire or security personnel let you know that you can return to your area.
  • If you are unable to use the stairs for any reason – physical limitation or otherwise – please move to the closest stairwell, enter the stairwell and let others who are using the stairs know that you need someone from rescue services to assist you in descending the stairs; ask them to send help. Please also refer the UF EH&S website here for more information.
  • The fire drill for your floor will not be completed, and people will not be allowed to return to their work/study areas, until all of us have left the area. If you delay, or argue about leaving, you will be holding the process up for everyone involved.

Visit the EH&S website here for more information about fire alarms/drills evacuation procedures.

April 19 thru September/October, 2019 – Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Phase 2 Floors Ground thru Third!

(Sent April 11, 2019) Facilities Services is starting on Phase 2 of a comprehensive improvement project in the dental tower. They have contracted with Charles Perry Partners, Inc. (CPPI) to replace all of the cast iron pipes in the dental tower on floors G – 3. If it sounds like a big project, that’s because it is! But they will take it one day at a time and will coordinate with each area as they progress. They are still working out some of the details for scheduling so please keep in mind that some things may change.

But, for now, this is what we know:

  • The project starts on the second and third floors on April 19. The project is expected to take 20 weeks (that’s five months so . . .through September or October-ish).
  • They will be doing most of their work between 6am and 6pm, although there may be some work done during the day, and they’ll also be working some weekends.
  • CPPI will be scheduling work inside labs, offices and clinics areas as necessary. They are aware that some of the areas have very sensitive equipment, and will take proper precautions and care.

This is going to be a very fluid project with a lot of moving parts. We realize that this will cause some inconvenience for many of you but we are happy to see these improvements in the works for our dental tower, so we appreciate your patience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Charles Lesch, or 352-273-8001; or the Charles Perry Partners, Inc. (CPPI) Terry Frey (Daytime Contact) or 352-359-9085;  or Charles Garrett (Night Work Contact) or 352-316-1036.

Saturday/Sunday, February 23/24 – main dental elevators will be unavailable

Good news: from Saturday, February 23 at 7am through Sunday, February 24 at 7pm, the main three-pack of elevators (cars 21, 22 and 23) in the dental tower are getting new flooring.

Bad news: that means they’ll be turned off and won’t be available for lifting people up or down during the work and the “curing” time.

More good news: the elevators in the back/north end of our building (cars 18 and 19) will be operating, and you can go up and down on them if you happen to be here this weekend.

If you have questions, concerns or want to see what the new flooring will look like*, please contact Charles Lesch at

* Just kidding

UF Dental Tower DI Water Outage is scheduled: Tuesday, January 15 from 5am to 8am

UF HSC facilities has scheduled a short de-ionized water outage in the dental tower so they can install a water meter on Tuesday, January 15 from 5am to 8am. The outage will affect all floors in the dental tower.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Brent Durstine at, maintenance supervisor for the UF HSC Plumbing Shop.

Dental Tower Fire Alarm Testing – December 20, 2018

HSC facilities will be conducting of the fire alarm in the dental tower. Here’s the details:

  • The testing will be on Thursday, December 20 from 5 to 7am.
  • The alarms are expected to sound only on floors Ground through 3.
  • Since this is a fire alarm test, and not a fire drill, you do not need to exit the area if you are here when the alarms are sounding.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Charles Ruhmpohl at, maintenance supervisor for HSC Electric and Fire Alarms.

Flashing Replacement Project – December 18, 2018 through January 31, 2019

The flashing replacement project on the east side of the dental tower begins tomorrow and is expected to continue through January 31, 2019. So, for about six weeks, we can expect some disruption to be ongoing. They are working through the holiday break to try to minimize issues for the inhabitants of the dental tower. There are more details in the announcement below.

If you have concerns or problems arise, please contact Neal Owens or Tony Bruce, and also keep Charles Lesch in the loop so he will be aware

Flashing Replacement Project – test samples on November 30

On Friday, November 30, Ewing Waterproofing is taking some samples of the material on the east side of the dental building beginning at 10am.

  • They will be working on the outside of the 4th floor and will take about two hours.
  • Ewing will remove the mortar around one brick by chisel or small hand grinder.
  • There will be a little noise due to grinding or chipping, but there should not be any other issues such as dust.
Beginning December 17:
  • Today’s work is the first step in a larger project that begins December 17 to repair the flashing on our building which is an important step to mitigate some moisture issues.
  • The actual repair project will take about a month once it begins. And there will be noise, vibrations and . . .maybe more?
  • Ewing Waterproofing hopes to get the majority of the work done during the holiday break to try to minimize the issues for those of us who “live” in the dental tower.
Questions & Concerns:
Contact Neal Owens or Tony Bruce
Thank you, in advance, for your patience and understanding!


UF PPD Emergency Work Request: Call 352-392-1121

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For issues within the dental tower, please contact Charles Lesch in Dental Maintenance at