Web-based Instruction

Electronic Curriculum Organizer (ECO)

The Electronic Curriculum Organizer (ECO) is a curriculum management system developed and maintained by the College of Dentistry. ECO is used to maintain all course syllabi and materials, class schedules, student grades and clock hours by the College of Dentistry. Features of ECO include:

A master class schedule showing event information for all courses in ECO.
Course content
The Syllabi, documents, grades and clock hours for College of Dentistry courses.
A directory of faculty, staff and student contact information, mirroring the information in the UF Directory.
Dental Dictionary
An editable collection of dental terms and definitions.
Instruction and support for the various sections of ECO.
Extends across all courses and class levels.
Content is available to ECO users throughout the curriculum, not just for current term courses.
From faculty and staff, and between faculty, staff and students via announcements, email and a discussion forum.
Group list definitions

e-Learning (Formerly Blackboard/WebCT)

e-Learning is the centrally supported course management system at the University of Florida. Instructors can use the system to supplement face-to-face courses with online materials and tools. Likewise, courses can be developed and delivered entirely over the Internet. e-Learning provides instructors with several tools to facilitate teaching and learning including:

A service that provides online chat/conversation using text and voice (one-to-many, many-to-many).
An application for creating online quizzes.
Can be used to create interactive games such as crossword puzzles, hangman, and jeopardy to engage students in learning the content.
A service that assists instructors in identifying student submissions that contain unoriginal material and to improve student writing skills.