DMD/PhD Student Callahan Katrick Wins AAC Award

Cali KatrakCongratulations to Callahan Katrak who is one of three winners of a 2022 American Academy of Cariology, or AAC, Student Research Awards. Katrack is a DMD/PhD student and is mentored by Jacqueline Abranches, Ph.D., a associate professor in the UF Department of Oral Biology.

Katrak’s research project is Partners in Grime: Exploring the role of catalase in synergism between Candida albicans and Streptococcus mutans and she was awarded in the Ph.D. category.

The AAC has a mission of eradicating dental caries in the United States through the promotion of science-based disease management The academy defines cariology as the science and art of understanding the etiology, mechanisms of the disease known as dental caries including initiation, reversal, progression, diagnosis, prognosis, risk management, prevention, non-surgical and surgical therapies, and oral health-focused outcomes.