Superior Accomplishment Award Winners

Congratulations to four very special UF College of Dentistry employees who won 2011 Superior Accomplishment Awards for Division 5: Rebekah Bush, Tania Fleming, Marilyn Stewart and Shannon Wallet.

The winners will be honored along with those from other HSC colleges during a luncheon in their honor at the Paramount Plaza Hotel on March 10.

Rebekah Bush, who works in the Department of Community Dentistry and Behavioral Sciences, was nominated by her coworker Terry Weber. Weber cited Bush’s “hard work and untiring dedication to her job and the university” as one of the overarching reasons for the nomination. 

Tania Fleming was nominated by Arthur Nimmo, D.D.S., who is the chair of the Department of Prosthodontics where Fleming has worked for the past three years. Nimmo wrote that Fleming distinguishes herself from other employees through her “enthusiasm for work and her outstanding work ethic.” 

Marilyn Stewart, who works in the college’s Office of Education, was nominated by her supervisor, Gail Childs. Childs praised Stewart for “going above and beyond her normal duties,” and said that her overall job performance has been outstanding.

Shannon Wallet, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Periodontology and was nominated by Kathleen Neiva, D.D.S., Ph.D., a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Endodontics. Neiva wrote that Wallet “always performs at the best of her abilities and knowledge, going beyond expectations and requirements.” She added that Wallett is always willing to collaborate with others and takes on extra responsibilities.