Welcoming New Faculty: Brinta Chakraborty

Dr. Brinta ChakrabortyBrinta Chakraborty, Ph.D., M.S., joined the University of Florida Department of Oral Biology on April 2, 2019, as a research assistant scientist in the laboratory of Associate Dean for Research Robert Burne, Ph.D.

Chakraborty attended the University of Calcutta, India, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in zoology in 2004 and her master’s degree in marine biology in 2006. She then attended the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research in Kolkata, India, where she completed her doctoral degree in 2014. She came to UF in 2015 as a postdoctoral research associate before joining UFCD’s faculty this year.

Chakraborty will apply her research skills in the Burne lab where the focus is to learn more about the molecular mechanisms governing the ability of bacteria that are capable of causing diseases in humans to modulate their virulence in response to environmental influences.

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