Drill N Fills wins UF intramural softball championship – again!

16 Drill N FillsCongratulations to the UFCD women’s softball team, the Drill N Fills, for winning the UF intramural softball championship for the second year in a row. The team, made up of dental students from all four class years and two speech pathology students, have competed in the UF intramural softball league this semester, apparently drilling the balls and filling the bases with runners. On April 19, they took home the league championship with a final score of 5-2.

The team is picture with their championship t-shirts. Team members are:
Christine Adams (D1), Lauren Coughlin (D4), Eva Dupay (D3), Adrienne Fetner (D3), Stephanni Kailing (D4), Rachel Killam (D4), Sarah Killam (speech pathology), Suzanna McAninley (D4), Eugenia Monaghan (D4), Kira Santos (D4), Karin Schey (D4), and Jessica Zipper (speech pathology).