2015 Acid Etch Talent Show

15 Acid Etch steppers smallThe Acid Etch Talent Show, organized annually by the UF College of Dentistry Dental Ambassadors, has earned a reputation as an entertaining and lively event that showcases the many talents of the college’s students, faculty and staff. Each year it promises showmanship, laughter and tasty baked goods – and this year was no exception.

On April 6 about 100 attendees enjoyed sampling homemade treats from dozens of entries in the Bake-off Contest followed by several hours of singing, dancing and videos produced by the DMD classes of 2015 and 2018. The evening proved successful in raising money as well; the Dental Ambassadors were able to give $1,000 in proceeds to Super Sealant Saturday, held at the college on April 10 to provide free dental services to children in the community.

15 acid etch tapping small“We were really grateful for the incredible support we received from everyone involved in Acid Etch this year and we want to thank all of the participants and attendees for sharing their time and talent with us in support of local children’s oral health,” said Nora Abdel-rahim, president of the Dental Ambassadors and a member of the DMD Class of 2016.

In the Bake-Off Contest, Meaghan Foti’s banana bread was the judges’ favorite and the best news is that Foti is only in her first year of dental school, giving us something to look forward to for three more years.

Faculty members Lorie Primosch, M.Ed.; Neel Bhattacharyya, D.M.D., M.S.; and Larry Cook, D.M.D., volunteered as judges for the talent show and, although the competition was tough, selected three winning acts.

With a sister act, Rachel and Sara Killam tap-danced their way into third place. Alexandra Arias, Fitz Brook, Violet Laurey, Jimmy Orphee and Arnelle Wright stepped into second place with their step dancing skills. And first place honors went to Andrew Fagin and Monica Iskander who performed an acoustic medley of Michael Jackson songs.

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