Bald for a Cause raises almost $20,000

D.M.D. students Cassandra Dorsey and Telka Jackson with Dean DolanMonths ago, D.M.D. students Cassandra Dorsey and Telka Jackson made a commitment to raise money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. They formed team “Bald for a Cause” and although they didn’t reach their $50,000, they did raise more money than any of the other 62 University of Florida teams, and they engaged faculty, staff and other students in their cause.

During the relay event on March 27, Telka, Cassandra, Cory Canavan, Dave Cardman and Shawn Willis (all are DMD students), and Dr. Marc Ottenga shaved their heads as part of the Bald for a Cause promise when different fundraising levels were reached.

Congratulations to everyone who played part in the success of Bald for A Cause and thank you for your time and efforts toward cancer research and treatment.

Bald for a Cause
Bald for A Cause
...And after.
Top Donors

Yeager Family
Pamela Sandow
Dr. Teresa Dolan
Dr. Boyd Robinson
Dr. Marc Gale
Dr. Aukhil Ikramuddin

Top Fundraisers
Lauren Auld
Brittney Brady
David Cardman
Kerri Claussen
Tommy Currie
Sarah Deeds
Cassandra Dorsey
Chinara Garraway
Jere Gillan
Christine Grinter
Farid Hamidzadeh
Mallory Hope
Telka Jackson
Julia Joh
Naomi Kirkland
Allison Konick
Jessica Kroll
Chris Kuhns
Andrew Murray
Aylin Okcular
Viral Patel
Susie Perez
Sridevi Rajendran
Mary Rauth
Amy Sagatys
Dr. Pam Sandow
Patrick Weaver
Pete Weber
Melanie Yeager