The Biggest Loser Round Two Challenge –Results

The winning team, Waist WatchersThere were five teams and 30 people participating in Round Two of the Biggest Loser Challenge which ran from Oct. 7 through Dec. 12. But only one team and one individual could take home the prizes and call themselves the “biggest loser.”

Beverly Coleman
Beverly Coleman accepts the winnings on behalf of the Waist Watchers team.

It was a tough time period for the competition because it included Thanksgiving and the buildup to the December holidays which means parties and food, and food and parties. However, as a whole, the participants managed to lose 32.8 lbs total and .69% body weight.

The winning team, Waist Watchers, lost 1.7% of their body weight and won $313.69 to share, just in time for holiday shopping. Congratulations to team members are Amy Corbitt, Beverly Coleman, Jane Moore, Jennifer Palacio, Dr. Ken Anusavice, and Lynn King.

The winning individual, Marilyn Stewart, lost a total of 7.13% of her body weight during the competition and she took home $104.56.

Mary Bennett (r) awards Marilyn Stewart a fat check for getting thinner.
Mary Bennett (r) awards Marilyn Stewart a fat check for getting thinner.
Marilyn Stewart

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed that Marilyn Stewart isn’t the woman she once was. In June 2008, just a week before Round One of our Biggest Loser Challenge, Marilyn started a diet and exercise regimen that’s paid off in more ways than winning Round Two’s individual category. Stewart has lost 46 pounds since June through walking, some running, and watching what she eats.

She says she’s not counting calories, she’s just being sensible. So if you’re looking for tips or inspiration, ask Stewart for some weight loss pointers.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the challenge!