IT Profile: Sarah Zachrich

Sarah ZachrichSarah Zachrich, the college’s webmaster, spent her first 18 years in the suburbs of Flint, Mich., and her last ten in Gainesville. Between those two places, she lived in Ann Arbor, Portland, Ore., and Atlanta. So far, she likes Gainesville best.

Shes been making music since childhood (if you count flute in the school band) and has played in various local indie rock bands over the last decade, moving between bass, vocals and drums. Her bands have participated in several of Gainesville’s annual Halloween tribute shows and she is inordinately proud of her ability to play selections from Ziggy Stardust and The Cure’s oeuvre on the bass.

She recently earned a bachelor’s degree in Advertising from UF and became webmaster at the college in February 2008. She says her job is interesting because it includes elements of both IT and Communications (though she is officially part of the Communications Department). She can be found power-walking in the VA tunnel most days at lunchtime (at least until the weather cools down).

Sarah will be married in the fall to her fiancé/boyfriend of several years, whom she met while working at the web development company 352 Media Group. They have a dog and a cat.

What made you decide to go into your current field?
After several years of waiting tables, I realized that the pay and benefits were less than ideal, and I was never going to be a rock star… so it was time to get a real job. I wanted to do something creative at which I could make a living, and I pretty much chose web design out of thin air.

If you could live anywhere on earth where would you choose to live?
Chicago in spring, summer and early fall. In the winter… well, Gainesville’s actually just about perfect between November and April. Except for a couple of visits up north to get my snow fix, Id probably stay here.

How do you most like to spend your free time?
Reading (books and web sites), doing arty/crafty things (sewing, painting, etc.), playing music. My fiancé and I enjoy TV-on-DVD marathons where we spend a Sunday watching an entire season of a show. Right now, wedding planning is taking over my life a little bit.

What was the last book you read?
The First Circle by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Spooky timing…

Who are your heroes in real life?
My fiancé, who really goes the extra mile for the people he cares about. My mom, who strikes a good balance between being there for her loved ones and making sure her own life is full. Kim Gordon, the bass player for Sonic Youth, who has proven that it’s possible to be a mom in your 50s and still be a rock star.

What is your motto?
Have no regrets… but try not to do anything you’ll regret.