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Committees: Shared Governance

Committee Chairperson
Faculty Advisory Board Dr. Indraneel Bhattacharyya
Faculty Assembly Dr. Indraneel Bhattacharyya
Faculty Committees Chairperson
Advanced Education Committee Dr. Roberta Pileggi
Clinical Affairs and Quality Assurance Dr. W. Stephen Howard
Constitution Committee Dr. Scott Tomar
Curriculum Committee Dr. Sharon Cooper
Faculty Development Committee Dr. Virginia Dodd
Information Technology Steering Committee Dr. Kevin McHugh
Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee Dr. Arthur Nimmo
Research Committee Dr. Shannon Wallet
Strategic Planning Committee Dr. A. Isabel Garcia
Student Admissions and Recruitment Committee Dr. Pamela Sandow
Student Affairs Committee Dr. Margarete Ribeiro Dasilva
Student Performance Evaluation Committee Dr. Venita Sposetti
University Senate

Complete list of the standing faculty committees and their membership

Additional College Committees & Workgroups Chairperson
Clinical Education Model Workgroup (Archived) Dr. Boyd Robinson
Clinical Faculty Practice (Archived) Dr. Boyd Robinson
Clinical Relative Value Unit (RVU) Workgroup (Archived) Dr. Boyd Robinson
Cultural Climate Workgroup Dr. Shannon Wallet
Dental Advisory Board Dr. Isabel Garcia
Executive Advisory Board (Archived) Dr. Teresa A. Dolan
Faculty Assembly Steering Committee (Archived) Dr. Henrietta Logan
Faculty Associates, Inc. Dr. Isabel Garcia
Instructional Support Workgroup Gail Childs
Marketing to Patients Workgroup: Phase II (Archived) Jean M. Sweitzer
Restorative Dental Sciences Department Planning Committee (Archived) Dr. Teresa Dolan
Shared Governance Task Force Committee Dr. Clay Walker