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Testing Information

from all Course Directors, the OAA draft course schedule will be shared with the Class Officersย a minimum of 3 weeks priorย to the beginning of the next semester. The class

Entering Class Office of Education

. In order to participate, you will need to have the following links readily accessible on your laptop, cell phone, or tablet. Surviving Dental School (Day 2) โ€“ http

Leon County Kids Get Low-cost Dental Care

of Florida College of Dentistry, had to give Derrick a numbing shot before filling a cavity. Instead of using the scary word “needle,” he told the boy hed be getting

For New Employees

campus and donโ€™t have a GatorLink account. How can I get online? UF has a visitor wireless network for users without a GatorLink username/password. Instructions for accessing

COVID-19: On the Front Lines of Oral Health

across many colleges and universities. At UF, all classes were moved online, students were sent home, and off campus operations were reduced to only those deemed essential. During

Something to smile about

of times at the beginning we kind of look at the stacks of folders in front of us and think, โ€˜How are we going to get through all of these patients today?โ€™โ€ Reddy said