Artificial Intelligence

The University of Florida is making artificial intelligence the centerpiece of a major, long-term initiative that is combining world-class research infrastructure, cutting-edge research, and a transformational approach to curriculum. Here in the College of Dentistry, we’ll use AI to find patterns of gene expression of oral diseases and link imaging, pathology and genomic data to improve outcomes in patients. Dentistry researchers are also using multivariate machine learning methods to understand the neurobiological contributors of pain in older adults.

ai for clinical decision-making and patient communication

UFCD Partners With Overjet

The UF College of Dentistry has entered a collaboration with Overjet, the industry leader in dental artificial intelligence, to empower the next generation of Gator Dentists with AI to enhance clinical decision-making and patient communication.

UFCD's radiology residents became jet-setters after completing the Overjet Dental AI Training Education Program in December 2022.

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Boldly Fueling the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Artificial intelligence is more than just the next wave of high-tech. It is transforming nearly every sector of the economy. Using AI to analyze massive amounts of data has dramatically affected communications, accounting, finance, transportation, medicine, agriculture, and more. Anchored by a $70 million research and education partnership with NVIDIA, UF is building the most powerful supercomputer in higher education and has committed to hiring 100 new faculty dedicated to AI.

UF’s powerful AI infrastructure will put researchers on the front lines of addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Play Video

Artificial intelligence in dentistry & healthcare

UF College of Dentistry

Improve Patient Outcomes and Prognoses

The UF College of Dentistry seeks to enhance its work using AI/ML approaches to improve patient outcomes and prognosis in patients with pre-malignant and malignant lesions in the oral cavity and jaws, and to use known risk factors and correlating appearance of intraoral lesions with genomic markers and histopathology.

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UF College of Dentistry

Identify Patterns of Gene Expression

The college will pursue the use of AI neural networks to identify patterns of gene expression associated with the development of oral diseases, such as periodontal diseases and head and neck cancers, and integrate them with other ‘omics’ data.

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UF College of dentistry

Understand and Treat Chronic Pain

Pain is uniquely manifested and influenced by multiple biological and psychosocial factors. AI investigations can decode those biological and psychosocial interactions, resulting in methods for optimal pain treatment and personalized pain care. UFCD researchers are using multivariate machine learning methods and Gaussian process regression to understand the neurobiological contributors of pain in older adults.

PRICE Pain Research

UF academic health center & Campus Collaboration

Interdisciplinary Virtual Patient Simulation to Solve Health Care Disparities

Dentistry is part of an ongoing interdisciplinary program with the UF colleges of engineering, nursing, and public health and health professions using virtual patient simulation to strengthen interprofessional teams with solving health care disparity issues, particularly in emergency rooms where communication issues between different providers can affect patient care. The collaboration enables providers to address patients’ clinical needs comprehensively.

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Ai opportunities in the health sciences

UF Academic Health Center

An Academic Hub for Trustworthy AI in the Health Sciences

The UF Academic Health Center offers tremendous opportunities to advance AI in biomedical research, healthcare, and public health in collaboration with other units across campus.

UF academic health center

Community, Trustworthy AI, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The academic colleges of UF Health are recruiting faculty who can harness artificial intelligence for health care delivery, public and population health and biomedical discovery, while also training students and residents who will lead tomorrow's AI workforce.

UF's AI infrastructure depth is making the university a leader in AI research and development; its breadth will make sure every UF student develops a basic competency in AI regardless of their field of study.

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Malachowsky Hall for Data Science and Information Technology

Construction has begun on Malachowsky Hall, a 263,000-square-foot academic building that will serve as a hub that connects students and researchers across disciplines.

Set to open in Spring 2023, Malachowsky Hall will provide collaboration space and will focus on the application of computing, communication, and cyber technologies to a broad spectrum of areas including health care, pharmacology, security, technology development, and fundamental science.