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11th Annual White Coat Ceremony

are a relatively new tradition among professional schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy and veterinary medicine, among other professions. Believed to have


1949-1968 | 1969-1975 | 1976-1990 | 1991-2004 | 2005-Present 1949 A study headed by Dr. Vernon Lippard recommends establishment of a dental college in Florida. Colleges


construction costs push the budget over the allocated state funds. A joint resolution by the Florida Legislature to transfer $3 million from equipment to construction funds allows


by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. June » The first class of 18 students graduates from the College of Dentistry. All members of the Charter Class pass the Florida State Board


. The project will faciliate installation of videoconferencing capability and digital radiology in all clinic sites statewide. UFCD oral biologist Richard Lamont, Ph.D., completes mapping


requirements. 2018 May Β» After reaching its highest ever research funding ranking to date — No. 5 — among all dental schools in the U.S. in 2017 for receiving more than $13