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I Cover My Face in Gratitude

"I cover my face in gratitude to our first responders, and ask that everyone in our community join me." - Dean A Isabel Garcia, DDS, MPH

Patient Care

. How we’re keeping you safe during COVID-19 Get more information and make an appointment Call us:Β 352-273-6700 or 800-633-3953 All Dental

Brady Receives Mentoring Award

and optimism.Β  Each person I have mentored is so different, yet they are all so much the same.Β  Bright, hard working, self-motivated.” The nomination was submitted by her current graduate

Health & Counseling Services

helps pay for basic illness evaluations at the UF Student Health Care Center (SHCC), but DOES NOT cover all possible medical charges. Patients are financially responsible for items

Keep it moving

in a wheelchair all her life. The rain also concerns her, given her electric wheelchair. Sometimes, that rain turns her front yard into mud and Valeria gets stuck, requiring a call to a family

Teledentistry Helps Address Emergencies

for patients in need is exactly what this is all about.” The college has fielded over 250 teledentistry requests since the service commenced at the end of March. β€œOn a normal