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Health & Counseling Services

Center. Illnesses include flu symptoms, pink eye, GI disorders, immunizations, allergies, prescription renewals, and other β€œnon-life-threatening” medical concerns. Counseling &

Oral Care During Head & Neck Radiotherapy

with a water-based lubricant*. Petroleum jelly repels water and is not recommended for use. When the mouth is sore, remove dentures and leave them out until the mouth heals. All full

For New Employees

number in order to set up a GatorLink account. How do I obtain an email account? Your department administrator should submit a service request to the UF Health help

Questions & Answers

Who performs endodontic treatment? All dentists, including your general dentist, received some training in endodontics while in dental school. What is an “endodontist

Teledentistry Helps Address Emergencies

. Many assessments and diagnoses of patients can be handled without an in-person visit to the dental office, including antibiotics prescriptions and other palliative efforts

Entering Class Office of Education

Collared shirts (button up or polo), blouses, dress pants or skirts/khakis, closed toed shoes, heels, and flats are all acceptable business casual attire Wednesday, August 21

COVID-19 Information Hub

and VPN Instructions UF Health IT Services: Instructions for Phone Settings and Collaboration ToolsAll University of Florida students and faculty now have FREE, remote access

Leon County Kids Get Low-cost Dental Care

of Florida College of Dentistry, had to give Derrick a numbing shot before filling a cavity. Instead of using the scary word “needle,” he told the boy hed be getting