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Entering Class Office of Education

Collared shirts (button up or polo), blouses, dress pants or skirts/khakis, closed toed shoes, heels, and flats are all acceptable business casual attire Wednesday, August 21

Testing Information

from all Course Directors, the OAA draft course schedule will be shared with the Class Officers a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the next semester. The class

For New Employees

the network How do I set up my GatorLink account? Please visit and click on ‘Create a new account’. You will need to enter your UFID

Keep it moving

with children of all ages. After becoming ill too frequently, Harden finally had to give up that job. “I strongly believe in myself and get disappointed when I don’t achieve my goals

Health & Counseling Services

Center. Illnesses include flu symptoms, pink eye, GI disorders, immunizations, allergies, prescription renewals, and other “non-life-threatening” medical concerns. Counseling &

A mighty good time!

of the rope at the same time, and enjoyed watching the seniors all fall into a heap on the muddy ground. “We were really doing well overall that day until Dr. Cal Dolce and Dr. Neel

Alumni Spotlights

surgical cap is orange and blue with a UF logo, and he chomps at Bulldog fans whether or not there are other Gators around to back him up. A true-blue Florida boy, when he