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Alumni Spotlights

β€œhas it all,” but Dr. Diane, as she’s known to her patients and colleagues, says she’s still getting there. Diane Piper-Hilton, D.M.D., was born and raised in St

Keep it moving

,” Socias says to Harden. β€œYou mentioned offhand, β€˜Oh, it’s really hard to get to my car because of the dirt.’ We were all a bit shocked because that was really tough. I don’t know

Dr. Stan Lotzkar passed away

dental equipment in nursing homes in Kansas. We will miss him. –Myron All Stan will be remembered for a lot of accomplishments and his character but the memory of him

Something to smile about

. β€œIt got to the point where we made her some new teeth. I remember the day we gave them to her. She saw them and started crying and said β€˜Now I can go out and get a job.’ It’s hard

Testing Information

is available to you at all times and in all locations. In general, students can expect the need to access and ongoing use of a near state-of-the-art laptop computer. In other words

Getting to know you

students as well as male students, I always say that, β€˜If I can do it, you can do it, your English is much better than mine!’ I don’t know if I am a role model, but I can offer at least some encouragement.” (Article reprinted from the February 2012Β The Post.)

A Great Homecoming Weekend

– and for helping us store our supplies until next years event which we know will be even bigger and better!–Sam Brill for coming out to take pictures during decorating