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About Carlos Soucy

Carlos Soucy DDS, MS

Universidad Central de Venezuela

Prosthodontist University of Texas Houston

After earning my DDS in the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1993, I immediately entered the Prosthodontics world by signing into an M.S. program at The University of Texas Houston Dental Branch and graduated on July 1996. I was able to teach and was honored to receive The Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award during my first year as an Assistant Clinical Professor.

Being a second generation Dentist, I decided to go back to my home town in Caracas, Venezuela , where I spent the last 18 years in a specialty practice that I managed and worked as a Prosthodontist focusing on fixed, implant and aesthetic dentistry, having the opportunity to interact under the same office space with a fellow Periodontist, Oral Surgeon, Endodontist and Orthodontist, the merge of knowledge of each field has consolidated a great working team and it feels great to be able to solve complex cases.

I could say I’m passionate about dentistry, and I share this passion by using dental photography, I’m a true believer that a photo is worth more than a thousand words. Another devotion is Golf, a great sport that I have played all of my life. Recently I turned in my administration after four years of service as the President of the Board of Directors of the Izcaragua Country Club, a 240 acres large social institution with 1200 family members and 170 employees, a wonderful group of people that I had the fortune to guide as well as to polish my interpersonal skills in the resolution of conflicts.

For most people, teaching Prosthodontics doesn’t sound very interesting. For me teaching my specialty is a real passion I’ve been chasing for 18 years. Most recently, my work landed me a position with The University of Florida as an Assistant Clinical Professor, in which I’m focused on learning from my students and peers and to teach Restorative Dentistry in a fun and easy way. I guess you could say I’m living my dream in a wonderful place.


The Dean's Teaching Excellence Award
1998 · University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center Dental Branch

Teaching Profile

Courses Taught
DEN7845L Cl Prosthodontics 1
DEN8858L Clinical Prosthodon 4
DEN6412C Preclin Fixed Prost 1
DEN6213C Fundamen of Occlusion
DEN8857L Clinical Prosthodon 3
DEN6415C Preclin Fixed Prost 2
DEN6460C Prostho Trtment Edent
DEN8859L Clinical Prosthodon 5
DEN8960L Clinical Examinatio 2
DEN7846L Cl Prosthodontics 2
DEN7411C Implant Dentistry
DEN8462 Adv Top Prosthodontic
DEN7413C Rem Part Pros Techniq
DEN6508C Essentials of Clinical Practice
Teaching Philosophy
My teaching philosophy is to inspire students to become more than they thought they could. I want students to understand that there is a critical thinking process behind everything you do in life. I feel proud of teaching students how to think “out of the box” and how you can achieve the same result while using and selecting different techniques while doing restorative work. I am proud to say that I let my students create and work on their life mission. I am not here only to teach dentistry but to serve as a model for them. I firmly believe in a supportive learning environment with defined boundaries. Setting clear expectations allows me to support the students without lowering standards or bending any rules. Standards need to be very high to create the best possible dentist UFCD can produce. At the same time, I care about creating the best possible people and keeping my students motivated and supported The standards I set are very high and aimed to create the best possible dentist and person we at UFCD can produce, while keeping my students motivated and supported. I feel proud of teaching them how to think “out of the box” and how you can achieve the same result while using and selecting different techniques while doing restorative work. I am proud to say that I let my students create and work on their life mission as I am not here only to teach dentistry but to serve as a model for them. Preparing my students either in the Sim Lab or in the clinics to be the best person they can be, and to treat their patients as a human being and not a simple requirement is an activity that I am honored to do. My life’s mission an ethical principle is aligned with guiding this wonderful group of future professionals. Being organized and communicating in a timely matter is a priority of my teaching philosophy and I would consider it one of my strengths. My standards are very high and sometimes I suffer as I am never satisfied with my own work, it is my firm believe that I can always perform a little better. Failure is part of the process of learning. It is something that I teach from the beginning. Success comes from how you recover and it will speak for itself. I recognize that I make mistakes, but I learn from them. I enjoy getting constructive feedback from my students – especially negative feedback. This inspires me to improve and be a better teacher. Based on my evaluations, I can see that I am making the mistake of thinking that I am teaching to a more expert clinician and not to a DMD student. I must work on my communication skills to achieve the goals that I have set for myself while at UFCD. To improve my teaching skills, I am on the road of adding passport miles to being a great teacher, a program designed by the UF Center for Teaching Excellence to teach new Faculty different methods of interacting with students. During this year I completed a three-month course provided by the Center of Teaching Excellence First Year Faculty Teaching Academy (FYFTA) as well as a Course Mapping workshop to plan for my DEN6412 course. Recently I have received an ADEA scholarship award to attend their Emerging Leader’s Program in March 2021, something that I am looking forward to doing to improve my teaching.

Clinical Profile

  • Dentistry
  • Prosthodontics
Areas of Interest
  • Crowns
  • Dental Fillings
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental care – adult
  • Dental cavities
  • Dental crowns
  • Denture problems


MS Prosthodontics
1994-1997 · University of Texas Houston Dental Branch
1986-1993 · Universidad Central de Venezuela

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