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Teaching Philosophy
I have started teaching at a high school level following my graduation from a college with teaching program of a year before joining Dental School in early 1990’s. My teaching at the University of Isfahan and Beheshti in Tehran were focused on core pediatric Dentistry topics based on my high interest and enthusiasm to help students to treat children with pain. A series of didactics were taken by me as the faculty on various parts of child oral health at Glasgow University where I joined for my Pediatric Dentistry residency training and give lectures to dental students. My teaching desire brought me back to Beheshti and Ajman Universities where I delivered pediatric dentistry lectures beside clinical teach in an innovative way of problem based learning (PBL) and assessment (OSCE) with minimal traditional lecturing. Research methodology courses were also delivered to EUC postgraduate Pediatric dentistry residents along with supervision of their research projects on Clinical Dental Sciences. One of my notable educational activity was contribution to the dental course curriculum revision, a process taking place every five years for graduate and postgraduate (Residency) programs in Iran. The concept of hospital dentistry was proposed by me to pediatric dentistry core and agreed as was missing. I also initiated a new course curriculum (a full year Fellowship program) containing sedation and hospital dentistry that received recognition on 2009 and several pediatric dentists with minimal hospital dentistry knowledge received this training since. Contributing in CE courses in teaching methodology to medical and dental faculty within the university network to several Pediatric Dentistry concepts to General and Pediatric Dentists are among the highlights in my teaching history. Online lecturing beside clinical demonstration have been complementary from time to time. I have the privilege of using my personal genuine collection of clinical case materials that are used in teaching in order to provide a sensible approach to the topics taught. The use of real patient’s photographs had been instrumental in such way that had empowered my lectures for residents and general dentists who treat these cases in a much more regular referral pattern. Students are asked to diagnose and give their thought on each case and discuss with their peer before the result is announced to enable them to evaluate the extent of damage and seek help using tests and para-clinic aids for a more precise decision making. Learners would then have their best treatment plan presented in class and know how to tackle cases while managing child behavior. In certain times I had asked students to present and discuss their case in class to allow all learn the concept as I believe learning happens best when learner faces the problem and tries to solve it through a series of facts while appraising by the group. This changes the traditional instructor centered learning to Learner centered one. Such student’s engagements will gradually be evident by transferring the problem to students and having them to communicate with others to resolve it. A higher rate of my graduate students have engaged in residency programs as a result of such teaching style as it boosted their determination to seek a higher carrier. AS part of my teaching philosophy, lesson plan is given to each course with the inclusion of objective, methods of implementation, Outcome and resources followed by evaluation. My evaluation strategies are based on continued assessment throughout the course with a cumulative quiz system on top of the mid- and final exam for conclusiveness. This would allow students to have self-assessment throughout the course and perform optimal at their final practical or written exams. I believe students should have access to correct answers immediately after the exam in order to allow a continuous learning process. I believe fairness of exam is in the student’s best interest which illustrates effectiveness of the teaching component too and therefore no ambiguity has any place in my exams. The students’ feedback is valued with constructive suggestions being used for improvement. Working for special needs patients have provided me with extra knowledge and experience suitable for my intended teaching position. More recently I have joined the team of expert medical professions who provide care for affected systemic conditions at UF and Shands Children Hospital, Gainesville where I have enhanced my teaching skills. This will allow me to be prepared to teach more advanced courses in pediatric dentistry to residents. I also have other advanced topic courses available including Lasers use in pediatric dentistry, and tooth Color digitization. My ultimate goal has centered on encouraging students through individual mentorship and pursue them to seek advance education. Outcome of such mentorship is students’ achievements, with many of them now being known researchers throughout the world. I strongly believe that my approach as an experienced mentor would easily be adaptive to the new set ups as I have the courage to consult my peers and the director to bring about the mentoring needs of the system. A successful scientific relationship and communication with students, beside collaboration with other faculty and staff are among the highlights I have in my style and manner. • Core materials in pediatric dentistry Courses that I am prepared to teach: 1- Dental Trauma, Diagnosis and Management 2- Pulp therapy in primary and young permanent teeth, 3- Preventive and interceptive orthodontics, Space Management, 4- Crown restorations using strip, Jacket (Zirconia) and Stainless Steel crown 5- Treatment and management of patients with special health care needs 6- Teaching Methodology, 7- Research Methodology, evidence-based clinical appraisal and research  8- Sedation technique and pharmacology of sedative agents 9- Patients with bleeding disorders and Malignancies 10- behavior guidance, sedation and general anesthesia, 11- Pediatric Dental Diagnosis, craniofacial growth and Treatment Planning 12- Oral pathology including dental anomalies, Differential diagnosis 13- Periodontal disease in children I am prepared to kick start on the first day of hire with didactics for graduates and residents in any of the above. I am also prepared to cooperate with other faculty to cover the topics that need to be covered as I have taught almost all aspects of Pediatric Dentistry courses before including crown restorative procedures in primary teeth involving lab demonstration and hands on workshops before a real patient. Each student is closely monitored and corrections are made as needed to ultimate learning goal. I believe in teaching practice for students by helping and problem solving is an effective way of self-learning. This has worked well when writing assays by reading to score and give suggestions, a style that received highest grade from students’ feedback. Following Covid restriction l used online teaching as an effective replacement method for teaching and conferences. I launch my classes uniquely in the region for almost 3 years. Resident seminars and literature reviews and case presentations were mentored by me to provide a chance to prepare and present their cases. In a clinical teach I always emphasis on various essential parts of a new or recall patient’s visit and that include recording thorough medical and dental history. I believe it will make them to become more competent and efficient while valuing interdisciplinary consultations. Having performed competency assessment of students’ clinical skills I am confident on my fair assessment approach. This will directly effect on the students’ learning process. I believe that courage of students in graduate level will influence their will to join a residency program. While I believe teaching is a constant way of learning, I see the concept of teach and learn as a bright and promising further of innovative ideas. As a teacher I strive to engage, challenge, and inspire such views in my students and residents while focusing on new ideas and innovation. I strongly believe is the potential of every young individual to progress and inspire them to try for promotion. When students enter my lecture room with a positive attitude the learning process can be superiorly achieved while any interruption in this attitude towards the subject or teacher will directly influence the learning process negatively and alter the outcome. Lastly, having two authored books: Atlas Oral and Dental developmental Anomalies, and Atlas of CBCT imaging, in recent years (published by Wiley Co), I am prepared to share this experience with the department I join.

Research Profile

Ghassem Ansari – Research Accomplishments

Research Background: As a large component of my post graduate training was research based, I have the privilege to become familiar with various aspects of scientific research methodology from early on by involvement in several laboratory based projects. These projects were performed at the biology department of Glasgow Dental School, where my master’s degree research project was also partly based. Evaluation of a newly developed chemo-mechanical caries removal technique at the time by means of SEM and Sterio-microscopic assessment were parts being performed after the clinical part. I had then another opportunity by engagement in a more in depth laboratory work as part of my PhD training in the molecular biology and biophysics labs of Glasgow University. Effect of various laser wave lengths on carious dental structure were the target of my research in addition to assessment of potential harms to the pulp tissues. All of these steps had some clinical components with lager portions in lab including thermal, SEM, Micro-radiographic and Physical tests of the restorations such as compressive and tensile strengths of newly developed compomers and composites.

In terms of the research education I have been part of the research training committee for graduate and post graduate and teaching faculty for more than 20 years alongside my own research works and supervisions. Research within the University settings included the clinical research as well as laboratory investigations in several lab facilities inside and outside of the school. Students’ research initiated and performed under my direct supervision in microbiology, immunology, dental material science, and physics laboratories based on the subjects and equipment required. More recently I have been more focused on clinical research with further contacts with a children hospital providing ground for several research projects on medically compromised patients and those treated under sedation or General anesthesia. Collaborations with my fellow medical specialists had been on top of my priorities in order to produce and publish comprehensive outcomes related to various patient’s condition and their dental management strategies under general anesthesia.

On the other hand, the use of alternate materials and techniques including lasers in treating pulp of the primary teeth have been another part of my research interest. A series of such research outcomes have already been published and more are still ongoing. A more recently developed bioactive pulp filling material named” Calcium Enriched Mineral (CEM) (calcium silicate component) is under investigation for replacement of traditional materials. This had already opened a new chapter for more promising results on treating the pulp of primary teeth in children.

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Areas of Interest
  • Behavioral intervention
  • conscious sedation
  • lasers in dentistry
  • pulp therapy in primary and yuong permanent teeth


Evaluation of the sedative effect of intranasal versus intramuscular ketamine in 2–6-year-old uncooperative dental patients
Dental and Medical Problems. 61(1):35-41 [DOI] 10.17219/dmp/144364.


Certification in Pediatric Dentistry
2024 · University of Florida
Preceptorship of Hospital Dentistry
2015 · UCLA
1996 · Glasgow University, Dental Hospital and School
MSc (Med Sci)
1994 · Glasgow University, Dental Hospital and School
1989 · Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

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