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Psi omega dental fraternity

Psi Omega is a unique organization

One of the oldest traditions carried out by Psi-O involves our football tailgators! Nothing compares to game day at the University of Florida, and our tailgates are a staple.


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To provide the best professional school experience to Dental Students through social life, academics, brotherhood, and service.

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The object of this fraternity shall be to maintain and advance the high standards of dentistry by instilling in its members the spirit of fraternal cooperation, and to exert its influence for the advancement of the dental profession in its methods of teaching, of practice, of research, of

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About Us

The Psi Omega Dental Fraternity at UFCD provides the complete dental school experience. We provide a social, professional, academic, and brotherhood experiences. Some of our major yearly events include Gator Tailgates, National Conferences, Student/Faculty mixers, D1 tutoring, Pool parties, interprofessioanal socials, lunch and learns, and more!

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What We Can Do For You

UF Psi Omega provides a well rounded dental school experience by cultivating a great social outlet to destress and bond with our peers as well as the college.

Tailgate coordinator

Harrison Brandes

tailgate coordinator

Sebastian Ocampo

tailgate coordinator

Austin Mang

Recruitment director

Sam Hanan

Social chair

Shelley Robinson

Social chair

Payton Ledman

community service director

Matthew Gartner

Brotherhood director

Tri Nguyen