American Student Dental Association

American student dental association

Largest Student Group at the College of Dentistry

It is our privilege to introduce you to the world of Organized Dentistry and provide you with the resources to get informed, involved, and inspired about your future profession.




The mission of our chapter is to provide a sense of community and family between all members through innovative events that will be enjoyable and offer learning opportunities for our profession specifically, while aiming to educate our members about issues affecting dentistry and offering opportunities for leadership and development.




The American Student Dental Association (ASDA) is the largest student dental association that connects you with dental students and professionals in the dental field; supports your personal and professional goals through mentoring opportunities; and advances the profession through our grassroots advocacy efforts.



About Us

We are a diverse student led and run organization that provides a platform for sharing and discussing knowledge and topics affecting dentistry and students. We foster a sense of pride and belonging in the field of dentistry by encouraging members to become active in its advancement.


What We Can Do For You

Membership in ASDA includes numerous tangible and intangible benefits including but not limited to student membership to the ADA, life and disability insurance, a year of free CE courses via, and access to numerous leadership conferences!

vice president of finance

Victor Ke

vice president of communications

Kelsey Geraghty