Tutee Agreement Form

As a dental student receiving tutoring services through the UFCD Supplemental Peer Instruction Program (SPIP), I agree to the following:

  • I understand that it is my responsibility to contact the tutor assigned to me and schedule our sessions.
  • It is my responsibility to contact Alex Franklin in the Office of Student Affairs if my tutor does not respond within 48 hours.
  • I will adhere to my tutoring schedule. My tutoring schedule is considered a commitment, and I will keep it in mind when making any other appointments.
  • I will be on time to my tutoring appointments. I will make every effort to contact my tutor if I am running late.
  • I understand my tutor will not do my work for me or help me more than I am willing to help myself.
  • I understand that the tutor is not a substitute for class attendance or class preparation.
  • I will bring all the necessary materials (completed or attempted assignments, syllabus, textbook, lecture notes, handouts, etc.) to the tutoring session.
  • I understand that ultimately it is my responsibility to be a successful student and tutoring can help me reach that goal. I realize that tutoring is a privilege.
  • I understand that my tutor reports the hours and subjects for which I am tutored to SAI via on-line form.
  • I understand that my tutor is also a dental student and need to consider their availability as well as my own.

By signing my name below, I agree to abide by the conditions listed above

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