Muslim Student Dental Association

muslim student dental Association

Creating a Sense of Community for Muslim Dental Students

We engage in religious, social, and community activities with efforts of promoting the field of Dentistry, supporting educational and intellectual pursuits of dentistry, and continue to promote the goals of Muslim UFCD students, and thus serve our faith as best we can.

MSDA Iftar Dinner



The Muslim Student Dental Association is an organization serving Muslim dental students and anyone interested in learning about the Islamic faith and culture within the University of Florida College of Dentistry. Creating a sense of community for all Muslims within the school establishes a comforting environment especially in times when certain struggles and hardships are shared. Having well experienced Muslim dentists, alumni, or even upperclassmen be involved in events could greatly benefit current students in reflecting on their shared experiences and journey while gaining valuable advice.



To facilitate a better environment for Muslim dental students on campus, educating both Muslims and people of other faith about the religion of Islam, allowing the building of bridges and understanding in our diverse community through dental services and activism.


About Us

MSDA was established recently in 2020 and is dedicated in facilitating a better environment for Muslim dental students while also providing guidance for all dental colleagues.


What We Can Do For You

We provide mentorship and community for Muslim dental students in an effort to excel their studies and faith. Any mentorship events and efforts would be open to all dental students, especially the fun events like iftars and Eid celebrations.