Endodontics Interest Group

Endodontics interest group

Shining Light on Endodontics

Come with us to explore inner recesses of the tooth



The Endodontics Interest Group will uphold its purpose by offering educational seminars on a wide array of interesting and relevant topics, networking opportunities, hands-on experiences, and information regarding student involvement in the American Association of Endodontists.



The Endodontics Interest Group seeks to foster an enriching learning environment for students interested in both general and specialty dentistry. It strives to uphold the tenets of Endodontics as defined by the American Association of Endodontists.


About Us

At the Endodontics Interest Group (EIG), we offer a welcoming, enriching, and friendly culture. We’re always open to suggestions and new friendly faces. Regardless of your year or career path, drop us a line or wave hello to our officers if you’d like to learn more about Endodontics!


What We Can Do For You

Members can develop relationships with Endodontic faculty and residents as well as like-minded peers. As part of this organization, members will have access to educational seminars covering a breadth of topics including technological advancements, literature review, etc.