Tuition, Fees & Stipends

Stipends are different for each advanced education program. Review the table below for information relating to program stipends.

Tuition is based on credit hour rates. Tuition rates are subject to change at any time during enrollment. Current tuition rates vary depending on your date of enrollment (first semester registered in classes).

Fall and Spring Semesters

All postgraduate and graduate students are registered for 12 credit hours during fall and spring semesters.

Summer A, B, and C Semesters

A beginning student (Summer B) is registered for 4 credit hours. A continuing student (Summer C) is registered for 8 hours. Students in their final term of studies (Summer A) will not be registered for courses.


In addition to tuition, some programs are required to purchase instruments, software, cameras, etc. Students may apply for additional funding for the items that are required for the program.

Program Additional Fees
Endodontics $32,458
Orthodontics $7,350
Periodontics $15,900
Prosthodontics $10,775


Listed below are first-year stipends. Stipends may vary after the first year of study. All stipends are subject to change at any time during your enrollment.

Program Stipend
Advanced Education in General Dentistry (Seminole/St. Petersburg) $32,000
Advanced Education in General Dentistry (Hialeah) No stipend
Dental Biomaterials Variable
Dental Public Health Variable
Endodontics $5,000
Oral Biology Variable
Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology $19,000
Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology $5,000
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (6 year M.D./Certificate) $25,134
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (4 year Certificate) $53,764
Orthodontics $2,000
Pediatric Dentistry $35,000
Periodontics $9,500
Prosthodontics $7,000

Stipends may vary for internationally trained dentist.

Stipends may vary depending on previous training.