There are three clinics at the College of Dentistry that do periodontic work:

D.M.D. Student Dental Clinic

  • Patients are seen by student dentists of junior and senior standing, under faculty supervision.
  • Fees are typically 30 to 50 percent less than in private practice.
  • Phone: 352-273-9097

Graduate Periodontology Clinic

  • Periodontic residents (graduate dental students) perform dental care under faculty supervision
  • Fees are slightly less expensive compared to Faculty Practice
  • Phone: 352-273-7846

Faculty Practice Clinics

  • Patients are seen by College of Dentistry faculty members.
  • Fees are comparable to private practice.
  • Patients may be referred to faculty practice dentists by a licensed physician or dentist.
  • All types of general and specialty treatment are available. Demand is high, so not all patients can be accepted.
  • Phone: 352-273-7960