Resident research projects are presented each year at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in the year of the resident’s graduation.


  • FOURNIER S, ADEWUMI A: A study of dental findings in children with craniofacial anomalies.
  • SOTTO J, AZARI A, BIMSTEIN E. RILEY J: The effects of education on freshmen dental students’ perceptions towards pediatric dental behavioral guidance techniques.
  • DONALD D, FRANCIS K, SILVA D: Detection of non-cavitated interproximal lesions of primary molars using a laser fluorescence device-protocol.
  • CAVANAH K, JORDAN B, SIMMONS N, SODERHOLM K. A cost-effective solution for detecting fluoride in drinking water.
  • RUDOLPH L, SILVA D: Posterior superior alveolar block: a survey of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry members.


  • HALL M, ADEWUMI A, GUELMANN M: Incidence of adverse reactions following Septocaine use in children.
  • VELAZQUEZ A, SILVA D, GUELMANN M. Restoring proximal lesions in primary molars: Does age and lesion stage influence success?
  • AMEER L, GUELMANN M, SILVA D: Retrospective radiographic assessment of proximal resin restorations in primary molars.
  • BERRY E, JERRELL G, SHEN C: Enamel hardness after exposure to acidic drinks and brushing.


  • TARVER J, ARGUMOSA M, YOUNG K, RILEY J, KEDAR A, SILVA D, GUELMANN M: Oral health and pain in children with sickle cell disease.
  • JOHNSON M, GUELMANN M, BRITTO L: Impact of a biological barrier in pulpectomies of primary molars.
  • GREEN T, GUELMANN M, SILVA D: School nurse’s awareness and attitudes towards dental trauma.
  • LOVELAND C, RUSSO J, CATALANOTTO F, KAUWELL G, EDGEMON C, GREEN HOW M, BIMSTEIN E. The interaction of 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP) taster status on dental caries and diet.


  • RUSSO J, RUSSO J, GUELMANN M: Digital radiography: a survey of pediatric dentists.
  • AHMADI A, PRIMOSCH R, SETZER B, GUELMANN M: Outcomes assessment of ZOE pulpectomies on vital maxillary primary incisors.
  • WHITE N, CATALANOTTO F, JERRELL G: PROP taste function and fungiform papillae.
  • JAFARNIA B, SODERHOLM K, GUELMANN M: Light penetration and bond strength of Magicfil to primary molars.
  • WIGNAL W, BIMSTEIN E, COHEN D, MJOR I, KATZ J: Histological characteristics of periodontitis in the teeth of children and adolescents.


  • BRACKETT, R.BEAVERS, N., GUELMANN, M. AND PRIMOSCH, R.: Effect of continuous versus interrupted administration of nitrous oxide-oxygen inhalation on behavior of anxious pediatric dental patients. Pediatric Dentistry (submitted)
  • McDONNELL, S., PRIMOSCH, R. AND STONE, D.: The influence of nitrous oxide-oxygen inhalation on intravenous propofol sedation in pediatric dental patients.
  • McILWAIN, M., GUELMANN, M. AND PRIMOSCH, R.: Radiographic assessment of pulpotomized primary molars restored with resin based materials. Pediatric Dentistry (accepted)


  • MAYE, F. AND BIMSTEIN, E.: Alveolar bone height in cases of ankylosis in primary molars.
  • MARCANTONIO, C., SHEN, C., BENNETT, C. AND JERRELL, G.: Fluoride retention in sound enamel after etching and topical varnish application: an in-vitro study
  • McALISTER, M., GUELMANN, M. AND TURNER, C.: The filling quality of pulpectomized primary incisors using three endodontic delivery systems: an in-vitro study.


  • GEHRING, D., GUELMANN, M. AND TURNER, C.: The retention of veneered stainless steel crowns on primary incisors: a laboratory study.
  • LESSER, R., GUELMANN, M. AND SODERHOLM, K.: Microleakage of 4th and 6th generation dentin bonding agents in acidic and neutral environments.
  • MOLLOY, B. AND GUELMANN, M.: The topical effect of fluoride varnish application on Streptococcus mutans count in occlusal fissures of young permanent molars: a pilot study.


  • BENDER, F. AND PRIMOSCH, R.: Compliance during oral administration of midazolam as a predictor of behavior during conscious sedation of pediatric dental patients. Journal of Dentistry for Children 68:233-38, 2001.
  • BONNIN, S., GUELMANN, M., PRIMOSCH, R. AND SODERHOLM, K.: Microleakage and wall adaptation of conservative restorations : An in-vitro study. American Journal of Dentistry 15:407-11, 2002.
  • JOHNSON, J. AND PRIMOSCH, R.: Influence of site preparation methods on the pain reported during palatal infiltration of local anesthesia in adults. American Journal of Dentistry 16:165-69, June 2003.
  • SCORDALAKES, E. AND PRIMOSCH, R.: A survey of odontogenic infections presenting at a Children’s Hospital.
  • THOMAS, C. AND PRIMOSCH, R.: Effect of dental rehabilitation under general anesthesia on the quality of life and growth increments in children with early childhood caries. Pediatric Dentistry 24:109-113, 2002.


  • BALSEWICH, C. AND PRIMOSCH, R.: Outcomes assessment for pediatric dental care rendered under general anesthesia. Journal of Dentistry for Children 68:102-108, 2001.
  • BROOKS, R. AND PRIMOSCH, R.: Influence of anesthetic flow rate delivered by the Wand Local Anesthetic System on the pain response to palatal injections. American Journal of Dentistry 15:15-20, February 2002.
  • BROWNSTEIN, J., HUEBENER, D. AND MARSH, J.: Maxillary arch morphology in bilateral cleft lip and palate infants. American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association, 2000, Abstract #43.
  • GOVERNALE, L. AND CONTI, T.: East coast area dental sealant program.
  • ROLLAND, G. AND PRIMOSCH, R.: Efficacy of topical EMLA 5% oral adhesive on the pain experienced during palatal local anesthesia infiltration in children. Pediatric Dentistry 23:11-14, January 2001.


  • FRASER, M. AND AUTIO, J.: Mutans streptococci and dental caries prevalence in a Head Start Population in Starke, Florida.
  • LATULLIPE, L. AND AUTIO, J.: Dental caries pattern in Head Start children in North Central Florida.


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  • McINTOSH, J. AND VENEZIE, R.: Assessing oral health knowledge, opinions and practices of Native American mothers.
  • MIXON, R. AND PRIMOSCH, R.: Effect of liquid medications sweetened with fermentable carbohydrates on early childhood caries.


  • McILWAIN, L.A., VENEZIE, R. AND TURNER, C.: Effects of classroom activities on dental anxiety in Head Start children.
  • MARFORI, M. AND VENEZIE, R.: The diagnostic relevance of bitewing radiographs in screening Head Start children.


  • CHATANI, M., COURTS, F. AND MacMASTER, G.: Relationship of sucking habits and disruptive behavior during dental treatment.
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