Course TitleClock Hours
Basic Pediatric Dentistry Core (PED 8111)48
Basic Orthodontic Core (PED 8112)20
Pediatric Sedation Core (PED 8213)40
Clinical Practice (PED 8130)160
Applied Orthodontics (PED 8131)16
Hospital Dentistry (PED 8143)64
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (DEN 8691C)20
Library Instruction Online12
Advanced Pediatric Dentistry (PED 8221)24
Growth & Development (PED 8224)10
Literature Review Seminars (PED 8222)32
Research (PED 8225)16
Craniofacial Clinic Rotation I (PED 8241)16
Pediatrics Rotation (PED 9412)20
Tacachale Rotation/School of Deaf and Blin16
Advanced Oral Radiology14
Oral Pathology (DEN 6674)16
Dental Research and Statistical Methods (DEN 8682)10
Anesthesiology Rotation (PED 8342)160
Oral Medicine/Pharmacology (DEN 6678)15
Teaching Clinic Rotation (PED 9144)32
Oral Biology I (GMS 6160)32

Course NumberTitleCredits
DEN 5210Developmental Biology & Psychosocial Issues 13
DEN 6452CFundamentals of Pediatric Dentistry2
DEN 7825LClinical Pediatric Dentistry Rotation I1
DEN 7826LClinical Pediatric Dentistry Graduate Clinic Rotation II1
DEN 8827LClinical Pediatric Dentistry Rotation III1
DEN 8828LClinical Pediatric Dentistry Rotation IV1

Course NumberTitleCredits
DEN 8290 (11000)Supervised Research in Pediatric Dentistry1-3
DEN 8290 (11002)Craniofacial Anomalies2
DEN 8290 (11006)Management of Traumatic Injuries in Children2
DEN 8290 (11010)Resident Seminars1
DEN 8290 (11003)Hospital Operating Room Experience2