Alumni & Friends

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PedoGators, Inc. is a support group of the University of Florida’s Department of Pediatric Dentistry. Its goals are to:

  • Sponsor an annual continuing education program
  • Support the department’s residency program activities
  • Develop social opportunities to meet in the future

The group held its first meeting on October 23, 2004, and agreed to donate funds to the department’s Clinic Renovation Fund following appropriate legal counsel to assure it is within the proper tax-exempt status of its incorporation.

18th Annual PedoGators CE: Esthetics for the Pediatric Patient

  • Friday, March 24, 2023, from 8am to 4pm
  • Hilton Hotel & Conference Center in Gainesville, Florida
  • Speaker: Daniela Rodrigues P. Silva, DDS, MS, FACD; UCLA School of Dentistry; Los Angeles, CA
  • 2023 PedoGators CE Course Brochure


In 2004, a group of former residents met to discuss re-activating the alumni association. The organizing committee included:

  • Dr. Ron Rozanski (’87)
  • Dr. George MacMaster (’88)
  • Dr. Dan Barnes (’89)
  • Dr. Barry Marcum (’94)
  • Dr. Tim Glomb (’95)
  • Dr. Caryn Alvarado (’00)
  • Dr. Carly Thomas (’01)

The organizing committee elected the new association’s officers:

  • Dr. Tim Glomb (President)
  • Dr. Caryn Alvardo (Vice-President)
  • Dr. Dan Barnes (Secretary / Treasurer).

Dr. Robert Primosch was appointed Executive Director of the association. The association was incorporated as “PedoGators, Inc.” and it has its own Constitution and Bylaws. A high percentage of graduates have joined the association, along with many “friends” including non-alumni practitioners, faculty and current residents and fellows.

Alumni List

Name Year graduated Where practicing
Dr. Ronnie Grundset 1984 Gainesville, Florida
Dr. Si McAninch 1985 Sarasota, Florida
Dr. Bruce Riggs 1986 Marietta, Georgia
Dr. Ronald Rozanski 1987 Ocala, Florida
Dr. Mary Ann Butler 1987 Tallahassee, Florida
Dr. George MacMaster 1988 Alpharetta, Georgia
Dr. Margherita Maestrello De Moya 1988 Ft. Walton Beach, Florida
Dr. Dan Barnes 1989 Port Orange, Florida
Dr. Tom Wilson 1989 Des Moines, Iowa
Dr. Susan Antony 1990 Beaverton, Oregon
Dr. Ernie Prieto 1990 Miami, Florida
Dr. Tim Verwest 1991 Ft. Myers, Florida
Dr. John Embry 1991 Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Dr. Greg Borganelli 1992 Lake City, Florida
Dr. Bobby “Don” Cheatham 1992 Edmund, Oklahoma
Dr. Philip Hartgraves 1993 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Dr. Donna Nichols 1993 Palm Harbor, Florida
Dr. Barry Marcum 1994 Peach Tree City, Georgia
Dr. Frank Sierra 1994 Tampa, Florida
Dr. Timothy Glomb 1995 Debary, Florida
Dr. Lindsey Robinson 1995 Grass Valley, California
Dr. Maria Chatani 1996 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Dr. Matt McLellan 1996 St. Augustine, Florida
Dr. Michael Marfori 1997 Orlando, Florida
Dr. Leigh Ann McIlwain 1997 Tampa, Florida
Dr. Irene Buzzi 1998 No longer practicing
Dr. Janna McIntosh 1998 McAlester, Oklahoma
Dr. Robert Mixon 1998 Gainesville, Florida
Dr. Maria Fraser 1999 Orange Park, Florida
Dr. Louis LaTulippe 1999 Ormond Beach, Florida
Dr. Caryn Alvarado 2000 Valdosta, Georgia
Dr. Jeffrey Brownstein 2000 Litchfield Park, Arizona
Dr. Richard Brooks 2000 Cary, North Carolina
Dr. Lauren Governale 2000 Naples, Florida
Dr. Gabriela Rolland-Asensi 2000 Naples, Florida
Dr. James Johnson 2001 Gilbert, Arizona
Dr. Fara Bender 2001 Lake Worth, Florida
Dr. Emmanuel Skordalakis 2001 Sterling, Virginia
Dr. Stuart Bonnin 2001 Pensacola, Florida
Dr. Carly Thomas 2001 Valdosta, Georgia
Dr. Robyn Lesser 2002 Tampa, Florida
Dr. Daren Gehring 2002 Logan, Utah
Dr. Brian Molloy 2002 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Dr. Ryan Brackett 2003 Yukon, Oklahoma
Dr. Catherine Vega-Marcantonio 2003 Freeport, Florida
Dr. Frank Maye 2003 Boca Raton, Florida
Dr. Monique McEachern 2003 Charlotte, North Carolina
Dr. Nathan Beavers 2004 Canton, Mississippi
Dr. Sean McDonnell 2004 Port Orange, Florida
Dr. Michael McIlwain 2004 Tampa, Florida
Dr. Anissa Ahmadi 2005 Ft. Myers, Florida
Dr. Bahareh JafarnIowa 2005 Tampa, Florida
Dr. Julie Mical Russo 2005 Clermont, Florida
Dr. Nick White 2005 Lake Mary, Florida
Dr. Whitney Wignall 2005 South Portland, Maine
Dr. Miguel Argimosa 2006 Suffolk, Virginia
Dr. Tiffany Green 2006 Flowood, Mississippi
Dr. Christopher Loveland 2006 Nampa, Idaho
Dr. Kera King Young 2006 Gibsonton, Florida
Dr. Marlin Johnson 2006 Pavo, Georgia
Dr. Lisa Ameer Royal 2007 West Palm Beach, Florida
Dr. Eric Berry 2007 Panama City, Florida
Dr. Mindy Hall 2007 Vero Beach, Florida
Dr. Jordan Tarver 2007 Lakeland, Florida
Dr. Amanda Velazquez 2007 Land O Lakes, Florida
Dr. Kristin Cavanah Mirda 2008 Melbourne, Florida
Dr. David Donald 2008 Oviedo, Florida
Dr. Suzanne Fournier 2008 Palatka, Florida
Dr. Lesley Rudolph 2008 Tampa, Florida
Dr. Jason Sotto 2008 Lake Mary, Florida
Dr. Maigrely Abreu Hernandez 2009 Coral Gables, Florida
Dr. Alissa Dragstedt 2009 Gainesville, Florida
Dr. Karly Francis 2009 Trinidad
Dr. Meaghan Kindregan 2009 Alpharetta, Georgia
Dr. Maggie Novy 2009 Tampa, Florida
Dr. Elizabeth Check 2010 Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Kelly Connaughton Mansour 2010 Orlando, Florida
Dr. Camille Horton 2010 South Carolina
Dr. Daniel Smith 2010 Temecula, California
Dr. Trevor Smith 2010 Rocklin, California
Dr. Michael Holt 2010 Charlotte, North Carolina
Dr. Melissa Kindell 2010 Okeechobee, Florida
Dr. Kelly Magher 2010 Naples, Florida
Dr. Lisa Lapointe 2011 Florida
Dr. David Rosen 2011 Riverview, Florida
Dr. Michael Tarver 2011  
Dr. Robert Weaver 2011 Jacksonville, Florida
Dr. Vincent Yeung 2011 Winter Park, Florida
Dr. Paola Correa 2011 Miami, Florida
Dr. Bren Dixon 2011 Medford, Oregon
Dr. Christopher Chuong 2012 Tampa, Florida
Dr. Bryce Cushing 2012 Omaha, Nebraska
Dr. Joshua Jenkins 2012 Greenwood Village, Colorado
Dr. Erin Smith Berling 2012 Lakeland, Florida
Dr. Laura Sullivan 2012 St. Johns, Florida
Dr. Jenny Edwards 2012 Clearwater, Florida
Dr. Scott Folkman 2012 Layton, Utah
Dr. Shea Sammons 2012 Lakeland, Florida
Dr. Christopher Ingalls 2012 Lake Mary, Florida
Dr. Katherine Donovan Lambert 2013 Winston Salem, North Carolina
Dr. Michael Gooch 2013 Gainesville, Florida
Dr. Michele Lau 2013 River Edge, New Jersey
Dr. Kathy Parsons 2013 Ormond Beach, Florida
Dr. Patrick Weaver 2013 Jacksonville, Florida
Dr. Lafe Chafee 2013 Mesa, Arizona
Dr. Meggan Krause 2013 Grand Haven, Michigan
Dr. Jennifer Senge 2013 Wesley Chapel, Florida
Dr. Ryan Donley 2014 Vail, Arizona
Dr. Amanda Newcity 2014 Longwood, Florida
Dr. Ronda Moore 2014 Tampa, Florida
Dr. Susana Perry 2014 Gainesville, Florida
Dr. Andrew Gooch 2014 Gainesville, Florida
Dr. Jeffrey Arrowwood 2014 Knoxville, Tennessee
Dr. Erin Arroyo 2014 Miami, Florida
Dr. Nicole Eastham 2014 Estero, Florida
Dr. Rebecca Lenard 2014 Miami, Florida
Dr. Chance Powell 2014 Hickory, North Carolina
Dr. Shanan Brown 2015 Corpus Christi, Texas
Dr. Erina Hung 2015 Eugene, Oregon
Dr. Alexandra Jensen 2015 Clermont, Florida
Dr. Maegen McCabe 2015 Gulfport, Mississippi
Dr. Courtney Uselton 2015 Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
Dr. Lorielle Alter 2015 Tampa, Florida
Dr. Olamide Atanda 2015 Houston, Texas
Dr. Tanner Bennion 2015 Billings, Montana
Dr. Larry Tyler Jackson 2015 Peoria, Arizona
Dr. Amy Luce 2015 Seminole, Florida
Dr. Chelsea (Brinkman) Garcia 2016 Vero Beach, Florida
Dr. Meghan Carter 2016 Tampa, Florida
Dr. Jeffrey Jackson 2016 Summerville, South Carolina
Dr. Jimmy Lapnawan 2016 Eugene, Oregon
Dr. Shawn Hanway 2016 Tallahassee, Florida
Dr. Brandon Boike 2016 Traverse City, Michigan
Dr. Sara Lee 2016 St. Petersburg, Florida
Dr. Emilee Milling 2016 Clinton, Mississippi
Dr. Juan Ojeda 2016 Miramar, Florida
Dr. Lindsay Statile 2016 New Bern, North Carolina
Dr. Halima Abukabbos 2017 Saudi Arabia
Dr. Rico Bussey 2017  
Dr. Mark Coons, Jr. 2017 Waco, Texas
Dr. Awad Kamil 2017 South Riding, Virginia
Dr. Karina Miller 2017 Roanoke, Virginia
Dr. Aaron Scheps 2017 Lakeland, Florida
Dr. Rosa Barnes 2017 Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
Dr. Casey Lynn 2017 Valrico, Florida
Dr. John McAninch 2017 Houston, Texas
Dr. Chelsea Monteleone 2017 Tampa, Florida
Dr. Ashley Tate 2017 Palm Harbor, Florida
Suha Aljuneidi   2018 Detroit, Michigan
Elizabeth Clay 2018 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Joshua Cline 2018 Orlando, Florida
Andreea Cosma 2018 Richmond, Texas
Sukhi Guram       2018 Charleston, South Carolina
Latoya Jones 2018 Orlando, Florida
Alisha Li 2018 Oxford, Mississippi
Gayathri Raju 2018 Ocala, Florida
Amy Sakowitz 2018 Orlando, Florida
Rachel Witcher 2018 Gainesville, Florida
Karen Wolf 2018 Charleston, South Carolina
Dr. Walmir Da Costa 2019 Winter Garden, Florida
Dr. Nikki Darbani  2019 Jacksonville, Florida
Dr. Hannah Frebel 2019 Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Dr. Annikka Frostad-Thomas  2019 Santa Monica, California
Dr. Alicia Moore 2019 Silver Springs, Maryland
Dr. Khusbu Patel 2019 Tampa, Florida
Dr. Max Rudie 2019 Charlotte, North Carolina
Dr. Alex Thanh 2019 Lake Mary, Florida
Dr. Michelle Thomas 2019 Jacksonville, Florida
Dr. Jonathan Wyble 2019 Asheville, North Carolina
Dr. Andy Alvarez 2020 Lake Mary, Florida
Dr. Irene Apata 2020 Glen Burie, Maryland
Dr. Deeva Bhatt 2020 Charlotte, North Carolina
Dr. Kristen Dreyer 2020 Gainesville, Florida
Dr. Andy Kang 2020 Los Angeles, California
Dr. Mi Sook Lee 2020 Seoul, Korea
Dr. Lauren Melendez 2020 San Antonio, Texas
Dr. Danielle Miller 2020 Richmond, Virginia
Dr. HongAn “Mimi” Nguyen 2020 Oviedo, Florida
Dr. Kiersten Pannell 2020 Brooks, Florida
Dr. John Tawadrous 2020 Winter Park, Florida
Dr. SK Adabi 2021 Bradenton, Florida
Dr. Aneesha Amarnath 2021 Cupertino, California
Dr. Karen Ben-Elazar 2021 Davie, Florida
Dr. Catherine Graham  2021 Cullman, Alabama
Dr. Ashley Daniels  2021 Urbandale, Iowa
Dr. Samantha Graffeo-Gardner  2021 Boulder, Colorado
Dr. Nicolet Smith  2021 Sherwood, Arkansas
Dr. Emily Ross  2021 Naples, Florida
Dr. Richard Williams  2021 Wellington, Florida
Dr. Zara Zahid  2021 Leesburg, Virginia
Dr. Catherine Graham 2021
Dr. Snigdha Adabi 2021
Dr. Nicolet Smith 2021
Dr. Richard Williams 2021
Dr. Zara Zahid 2021
Dr. Aneesha Amarnath 2021
Dr. Karen Ben-Elazar 2021
Dr. Samantha Gardner 2021
Dr. Emily Ross 2021
Dr. Ashley Spooner 2021