Division of Facial Pain

Members of the Division of Facial Pain of the Department of Orthodontics focus their clinical practice and research on the etiology, diagnosis and management of patients with facial pain. The clinical practice involves the differential diagnosis of a variety of sources of facial pain including:

  • Musculoskeletal (temporomandibular disorders or TMD and cervical muscle sources)
  • Odontogenic (tooth)
  • Vascular (migraine)
  • Neuropathic (nerve related)
  • Otolaryngologic (sinus) and headaches

How to Become a Patient

Due to limited resources, this division can treat only a small portion of patients with these disorders. When possible, patients we cannot treat will be referred to the appropriate medical specialty. Potential patients will be mailed a new patient packet with approximately ten pages of information that the patient will fill out and mail back so the facial pain specialists can review the case. Patients may also be referred by their doctors however, will still need to fill out the new patient packet. For more information or to determine whether we can treat you, call 352-273-7619.