Observe (Shadow)

Observers under 18 years of age, not enrolled in a University of Florida or affiliated student program, are prohibited from observing or shadowing in patient care areas.

Observer (Shadow) opportunity available for current dental students. Approved observers are time-limited to 21 consecutive calendar days or less. Observers may only watch from a position that does not interfere with patient care. They are not allowed to help with procedures or wheel patients. OR access is not granted under Observership.          (01/14/2022)

Student observers are required to complete and submit the following to Patty Carpenter.

Observe (Shadow) Request Application Instructions:

  • Open the Request-to-Observe-Patient-Care-Form
  • Complete the top half of the Request to Observe Patient Care Form for Students
  • Print the Request to Observe Patient Care Form for Students in COLOR.
  • Sign your name where indicated with yellow highlight approximately in the middle on the left side of the page.
  • Scan the signed application in COLOR (Please be sure to scan a clear application that is not warped or skewed).

HIPAA and Confidentiality Statement Instructions: