UFCD Oral Surgery-Observe (Shadow)

Observer (Shadow) opportunities are available for current dental students only. Approved observers are time-limited to 21 consecutive calendar days or less. Observers may only watch from a position that does not interfere with patient care. Observers are not allowed to assist with procedures or wheel patients. Access to the OR is not granted under Observership.   (01/4/2024)     

Observers under 18 years of age, not enrolled in a University of Florida or affiliated student program, are prohibited from observing or shadowing in patient care areas.

Student observers for the Oral Surgery Department are required to complete and submit the following in attached files to Patty Carpenter by email:

Observe (Shadow) Request Application Instructions:

  • Open the Request-to-Observe-Patient-Care-Form
  • Complete the top half of the Request to Observe Patient Care Form for Students
  • Print the Request to Observe Patient Care Form for Students in COLOR.
  • Sign your name centered in the indicated highlighted area on the left side of the page.
  • Scan the signed application in COLOR (Please be sure to scan a clear application that is not warped or skewed).

HIPAA and Confidentiality Statement Instructions: