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Course Number Title Credit Hours
DEN8767L Clinical Oncology and Oral Pathology 1
DEN7762L Clinical Radiology I: Radiographic Technique 1
DEN8765L Clinical Radiology II: Radiographic Interpretation 1
DEN8263 Advanced Oral Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology 2
DEN6351 Oral Pathology 3
DEN8303 Advanced Radiologic Interpretation 1
DEN6301C Fundamentals of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology 3
DEN7352 Advanced Differential Diagnosis 1
DEN6260 Oral Medicine and Pharmacotherapeutics 2
DEN6674 Oral Pathology/Oral Radiology 1
DEN8290 Residency in Radiology (10707) 3
DEN8290 Oral Biopsy Svc (10703) 3
DEN8290 Residency in Oral Medicine 3